Prepare for Coding Interviews and Competitions with this Free Course!

Ace your coding interviews and programming contests, including CodeForces and CodeChef, with problem-solving practice. Gain the skills and confidence you need to excel in your interviews and competitions.

Key Features:

  • Math, Greedy, and Logic Problems
  • Arrays Problem Set
  • Searching & Sorting Challenges
  • Strings and String Processing Exercises
  • Depth First Search (DFS) Problems
  • Dynamic Programming Challenges

Websites and Contest Platforms Used:

  • Leetcode
  • Codeforces
  • CodeChef

This course includes problems from these websites, so it is recommended to create a free account on each platform to solve the problems covered.

Course Content Overview:

Suitable for beginner and intermediate programmers, this course consists of 27 lectures that provide video solutions to commonly asked problems. You will learn problem-solving techniques, algorithms, data structures, and more!


  • Familiarity with programming in any language (preferably C++)
  • Interest in coding problems, algorithms, and data structures

Who should take this course?

  • Those interested in practicing coding problems
  • Individuals looking to expand their knowledge of algorithms and data structures
  • Candidates preparing for coding interviews (course covers problems seen at top companies like Google and Facebook)
  • Aspiring competitive programmers seeking to improve their skills (course covers problems seen at CodeForces, CodeChef, etc.)

Get ready to enhance your coding skills and excel in interviews and competitions. Enroll now and create your free accounts on CodeForces, CodeChef, and Leetcode to test your code for all the problems covered in this course.