This course is all about making your hard work of producing a book pay off by getting the attention of an agent or editor. It involves using the right keywords that an agent is looking for, and avoiding those that will definitely turn them off. It is all about making a connection with the agent or editor so that a great working relationship is established.

Learning to write is a skill that takes years. Writing a novel or a non-fictional project can take years in producing it and editing it to where a publisher will want to take it on. With all of this energy, time and money invested in producing a creative piece of work completed, it now comes time to become a business person and market your work.

Writing a query letter is never easy. Let’s face it, it means taking a complete novel and boiling it down to one page. And on this page, you have to connect with the agent or editor, sell yourself, pitch the story-line, and ask them to give you a chance. Each paragraph has a specific purpose. This short course will lead you through the main pitfalls, and offer you what must be covered in a few words. After all of the work put into writing the book, the query letter has to be perfect, and you should do everything you can to make it so.

This course is broken down to piece by piece lectures where I go over the key elements of the four major paragraphs that all query letters should have. These key elements have to be precise, yet strong enough to grab the interest of the agent or editor.

Trying to write a query letter is hard and getting rejection letters even harder. To avoid this painful situation, take the time to learn how to write a query letter properly, and take your hard work, your baby, to the next level and become a published author.