My name is Michiel van den Broek. After working in finance from 1990, I design financial courses since 2005 to make ‘complex’ finance easy, based on my view that finance is not rocket science.

The money markets are a vital financial market that is essential to our economy as explained in my Udemy course Understand Banks and Financial Markets, in which thousands of students already enrolled.

This course, Understand Money Market will learn you about the main products traded on the money markets: deposits, money market securities and repurchase agreements. The course contains more than 1,5 hours of mp 4 video’s accompanied with downloadable pdf documents (total 20 pages) and quizzes to test your skills and understanding with multiple choice questions (total 34).

Section 2 skills you to understand and make basic interest rate calculations covering several topics such as:

  • specific day count conventions
  • calculation of single interest coupons
  • present and future value calculations
  • compare yields with different coupon frequency or day count conventions
  • how to compare pure discount with true yield
  • the yield curve and implied forward rates

Section 3 is an introduction to traditional money markets benchmarks and products covering topics, such as:

  • how and why use money market products
  • the domestic- and Euromarkets
  • explain several deposit types
  • LIBOR and recently introduced overnight money market benchmarks

Section 4 covers Tradable Money market securities, such as:

  • characteristics of main securities:
    treasury bills, certificates of deposit and commercial paper
  • the calculation of initial consideration at issue date
  • the maturity consideration and interest calculation for different products

Finally, section 5 provides in depth knowledge and understanding of repurchase agreements, repos. The topic basket of this section includes:

  • legal and economic ownership
  • collateral types
  • GMRA documentation and failure to deliver collateral
  • special trading
  • sell/buy back transactions
  • reprising versus margins
  • repo agents
  • the use of hold in custody repos (HIC) used by central banks

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the course program.

Thank you for your interest!

Michiel van den Broek