Welcome to the ultimate PowerPoint Design and Delivery Course for 2023! Enhance your business communication skills by becoming an expert in creating and delivering captivating PowerPoint presentations.

No more dull slides! Numerous studies have revealed that presenting with unprofessional PowerPoint slides diminishes the impact of your message compared to not using slides at all. We’re here to help you avoid that pitfall!

Are you seeking a PowerPoint course? As a neuroscientist, let me tell you that it’s not just about PowerPoint. It’s about designing presentations that effectively communicate with your audience’s brains. In this course, we unveil the scientific and practical secrets behind creating brain-based PowerPoint presentations.

For instance, I will share how I earned my first million dollars with a presentation at the age of 24. We focus not only on designing visually appealing slides but on crafting persuasive slides. With over 1000 seminars and workshops in front of 10,000 audiences, TJ and I bring extensive experience to this course. Prepare to learn the best techniques for both PowerPoint design and presentation delivery.

Our lessons are designed based on brain-based learning instructions, allowing you to understand how your audience’s brain works. Here’s what sets this course apart from others:

  1. Comprehensive PowerPoint Skills: You’ll learn everything you need to know about PowerPoint and how to design professional slides from scratch, even if you’ve never used PowerPoint before. We provide practical guidance that empowers you to create beautiful templates and offer them for your future presentations.
  2. The Power of Persuasion: Discover how to tap into the mechanisms of the brain to persuade your audience effectively. You’ll explore the impact of the big picture, how memory works, techniques to grab attention, and how to adapt to different learning styles.
  3. Practical Tips and Resources: Beyond PowerPoint design, we offer access to a wealth of sources for finding copyright-free images, videos, and music files. We’ll share our own slides with you, enabling you to reuse them freely for personal or professional purposes.

Join this course if you want to master these crucial aspects of PowerPoint presentations.

Here’s a preview of some topics covered in the course:

  • Introduction to brain-based teaching
  • Debunking popular but misleading beliefs about PowerPoint
  • The power of not starting with PowerPoint
  • Calculating the optimal number of slides for your presentation
  • Converting information into effective graphs and charts
  • Curating a list of free stock images
  • Techniques to grab your audience’s attention with slides
  • Removing image backgrounds like a pro
  • Connecting your laptop to projectors or LCDs with the right cables
  • Best practices for working with data projectors
  • Choosing the ideal remote presenter model
  • Checking the conference room setup before presenting
  • Tips for looking great on camera during your presentation
  • Ensuring backups for your presentation
  • World travel adapter kit recommendations for international presentations
  • Navigating Murphy’s Law in your presentation

Feel free to explore some of the lessons before making a decision. Rest assured, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

This PowerPoint course is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge of PowerPoint, PowerPoint presentations, and presentation skills. It’s a valuable resource for individuals looking to expand their expertise in effective communication.