1.What is the meaning of Communication?

2.What is the objective of communication?

3.What are the various elements of communication cycle?

4.What are the various methods of communication?

5.What are the 7C’s of effective communication?

6. Name of a few good communication skills.

7.What are the various barriers to communication?

8.What steps can be taken to overcome the barriers to communication?

9. Do you agree that effective writing skills are required in almost every industry and also for every job.   Discuss.

10.What is the role of language and environment in communication?

11. What is the meaning of Encoding and Decoding a message?

12. What is the meaning of noise in the process of communication?

13. What is the meaning of feedback in communication?

14. What is the meaning of verbal communication?

15. What are the three main types of non-verbal communication?

16. What are the basic principles of effective communication?

17. What is the meaning of one-way communication?

18. What is meant by two way communication?

19. What is the importance of communication skills?

20. What is the meaning of Semantic Barriers?

21. What is the meaning of premature evaluation?

22. What is meant by emotional distraction in the communication process?