Learn Spycraft Skills and earn a custom certificate upon completion.

Too often our approach to security, whether it’s security for our home, our workplace, our families or our own self-defense is merely reactive. These responses are insufficient. Action is always quicker than reaction and these methods of traditional security consistently give the violent criminal the upper hand. Even the skilled self-defense or security practitioner is left at the mercy of an attacker. The average citizen is just waiting around ready to be victimized. The criminal has all of the control. However, there is an answer. There is a way to take control, to be empowered to stop violence and crime before it ever starts. The world of espionage offers us several techniques to be proactive and take control over our security and the protection of those we love. This covert world is more dangerous than the world most of us live in. It’s a world where overlooked vulnerabilities can have deadly consequences. Learn the espionage and counter-espionage skills that intelligence operatives use to survive in some of the most dangerous environments on earth. Learn to be more aware, detect and evade surveillance, protect yourself and your information, gather intelligence, detect and deter threats, and covertly gain access to hostile environments.