In this course, we will continue looking into Mental Resilience, following on from our first course. This course is designed to be completed following ‘Part 1: Mental Resilience’, but can also be done as a standalone course. In this course, we’ll focus on healthy ways to manage and cope with stress & anxiety. Where possible, we’ll also look at ways to reduce or eliminate sources of stress & anxiety in our lives.

In this course, we will cover:

  • What is stress & anxiety – we’ll look at what stress and anxiety means to us, as this can be different for every person.
  • The causes of stress & anxiety – we’ll look at the most common triggers and reasons for becoming stressed and anxious.
  • How to identify the signs & symptoms – we’ll look at how to see these signs in ourselves and others.
  • How stress affects us personally – we’ll look at the ways that stress affects us, which we may or may not have been aware of previously.
  • Healthy & unhealthy coping mechanisms – we’ll look at how we cope with stress, and how we can do so more positively going forward.
  • How to manage stress & anxiety – we’ll look at ways to manage these feelings in a way that’s right for us.
  • How to help others who are stressed or anxious – we’ll look at the best ways to help others who seem stressed and anxious.
  • Signposting/ where to find help – we’ll look at some useful resources for further information and signposting.