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This course of Material Production and Educational Curriculum Design is provided by Dr. Sam Corporation for Consulting and Educational Services, affiliated to Al Bassam Group. The course is prepared and presented by Mr. Bassam Mousa based on a successful personal experience. It is the only course in Udemy explaining and showing actual work in material production.

In this course, he’s providing you with the basics of creating educational content and supporting this by showing you an example of real work by taking you through a – step by step- journey using a syllabus he has designed called GES.

It is not just a theoretical course in which you will learn the words you have to write, but rather an in-depth course that explains important concepts, and shows -in practice- how to design an educational material from the scratch, brainstorm ideas and enable you to create your own curriculum that you’ll definitely be proud of.

By completing this course, you are supposed to be able to design an educational syllabus in any major including:

Syllabus for the learners of English as a Second Language (ESL);

Adult Education;

Early childhood education;

Special education and trainings.

About the trainer: Mr. Bassam is a language specialist, teacher, trainer, consultant in the educational field and designer of educational curricula. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Arts in the English Language Department, in addition to a diploma in Business English. He has work experience for more than 15 years with training centers and international organizations.

He worked in various local and international institutes and training centers and contributed to their development. He worked with The Canadian Institute, the French American Institute, New Horizons, and The Lebanese University. He has trained more than 9,000 people in different fields. He has qualified and inspired more than 35 English language teachers. By Dec 2023, he had over 11 thousand students in Udemy.

Who is this course for:

Writers, Trainers, teachers, and instructors / educators.