Master course in marketing psychology 2.0 : Psychological science is applied to marketing and branding in marketing psychology. Importantly, marketing psychology explores a wider range of psychological perspectives than behavioral science. Despite marketing’s importance in understanding decision-making, it’s only a tiny piece of who we are as humans. In marketing psychology, these more general principles are incorporated into marketing practices.

There’s a deep connection between marketing and psychology. The consumer world touches on every aspect of our inner, psychological lives. Marketers touch a lot of things, like emotion and logic, cognition and pleasure, addiction and self-discipline. Marketers fundamentally shape how we see the world and our place in it.

To improve marketing, we need to understand this relationship better. Imagining new possibilities, creating rich, meaningful experiences for consumers, and building strong emotional connections with brands are made possible by it. We’re just getting started with behavior and decision-making. In this course you can learn the concepts of Marketing Psychology, Consumer research, Neuromarketing, Consumer behavior, Consumer psychology,Market research and Pricing.

In this master course, I would like to teach the 5 major topics.

1. What marketing psychology 2.0 is and why it’s important

2. Tactics, concepts, and effects of marketing psychology

3. What’s the connection between marketing psychology and consumer behavior?

4. Theory, practice, colors, and social media of marketing psychology

5. Marketing psychology and virtual reality and How do I become a marketing psychologist?