Unlock the secrets of drawing with our comprehensive course, “Drawing Fundamentals: Learn to Draw for Beginners and Intermediate Artists.” Whether you’re a budding artist or an illustrator looking to enhance your skills, this course covers all the essential techniques and concepts every artist should know.

In this class, we will cover:

  • Drawing simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares
  • Breaking down subjects into shapes and simplifying curves
  • Utilizing negative space for accurate drawings
  • Techniques for drawing with precision
  • The upside-down drawing trick
  • Checking proportions using horizontal and vertical lines
  • Drawing forms such as spheres, cubes, and cylinders
  • Applying values and creating a value scale
  • Realistic shading techniques
  • Drawing with rhythms and creating lyrical compositions
  • Exploring different drawing materials and brushes
  • Ideas for practicing drawing
  • Drawing from life and from photos
  • Studying the techniques of renowned artists like John Singer Sargent and Andrew Loomis
  • Making quick gesture drawings
  • Tips for beginner artists

This class is designed to help you build your drawing skills from the ground up. You will learn to see subjects as basic shapes, confidently place them on paper using angles, and draw by observing negative space. We will share measuring techniques to improve accuracy and activate your creative right brain. Discover how to find rhythms in your subjects and create captivating compositions.

Additionally, we will provide five project ideas to help you practice the concepts covered in class. You will see examples of drawing from life, photos, and the works of master artists. Throughout the course, we demonstrate the application of drawing fundamentals in both traditional media (pencil and paper) and digital media (Procreate app and iPad Pro with Apple Pencil).

Why learn with us?

With over 20 years of drawing experience, our passion for art and teaching shines through. We have collaborated with renowned companies in the industry, gaining valuable expertise. Thousands of students have improved their drawings and illustrations through our instruction, and we are excited to guide you on your art journey. Let us share essential drawing techniques that took years of study to master.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner, we will start with the basics and gradually build your skills. Our course provides workarounds for using traditional pencil and paper if you don’t have digital tools. Each lesson builds upon the previous ones, and with practice and learning, you will continually improve.

To fully benefit from the course, we recommend the following materials, although you can use any drawing medium:

  • Drawing Materials: 0.3 3H Lead & 0.3 Draft-Line Pencil, 0.5 4B Lead & 0.5 Staedtler Pencil, Pro-Matic MC5 or 2B Pentel Lead & 0.9 Draft-Line Pencil, Smooth white paper (such as HP Premium Choice LaserJet Paper), Kneaded eraser, Sakura Electric Eraser, White gel pen, Blending stumps (Art Alternatives brand)
  • Digital Tools: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate app (available for download from the App Store)

Learning to draw is a lifelong wish for many, akin to playing the guitar or baking a cake from scratch. It fulfills our innate desire to create. Drawing allows you to express yourself, improve visual communication skills, and find relaxation and fulfillment. Whether you aspire to be a professional artist or simply want to explore your creativity, there’s no better time to start learning.

This course is taught in English through top-down view tutorials. We also provide screen recordings when using the Procreate app on the iPad Pro. Each lesson begins with an explanation of the concept, followed by demonstrations and practical exercises. Additional resources and worksheets are included to reinforce your learning.

Join us on your journey of learning to draw. Let us help you see the world through an artist’s lens and unleash your artistic potential.