On this course, you will learn how the different levels of IT technical support work, some of the topics included on this course are as follows:

* Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – expected level of service availability

* Data Protection – how to ensure that data within your organisation is kept secure.

* Assessing User Ability when dealing with support requests as is unique from user to user

* How to ensure passwords are secure in a modern computing environment

* Ticket escalations and priority exceptions for issue troubleshooting

Also included on this course are some insider tips, such as how to build useful contacts within your company when you’re working at desktop support level. Although this is possible at any level, I’ve found this be easiest at level 2 as you are more likely to move around to fix issues.

The key element to providing quality technical support is to ensure that you keep your knowledge up-to-date, some of this can be achieved through additional experience, whilst you can also give this somewhat of a boost by gaining additional technical certifications, which can be especially useful in the early stages of your career within desktop support (level 2), as well as infrastructure and technical support (level 3)