Course: “Introduction to Domain Names and Web Hosting – Quick Guide”

Domain Names Section:

Explore the following exciting concepts in our course:

  1. Overview of domain name registration process: Understand the role of registrars and ICANN in administering Top Level Domains (TLDs). Learn about Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).
  2. Hands-on domain registration experience: Gain practical experience by registering a domain name using popular registrars. Compare different registrars and register a sample domain name using GoDaddy.
  3. Domain name privacy and administration: Discover topics such as domain privacy, auto-renewal, domain forwarding, and name server assignment.

Web Hosting Section:

Delve into the details of web hosting solutions through an in-depth case analysis:

  1. Shared, Virtual Private, Dedicated, and Cloud Hosting: Analyze the features, benefits, and limitations of different hosting types.
  2. Overview of web hosting packages: Get familiar with the offerings of various web hosting companies and assess the pros and cons of each package.
  3. Importance of web server scalability: Understand the significance of scalable web servers and explore the advantages of cloud hosting over traditional hosting services.
  4. Infrastructure requirements for resource-intensive applications: Examine popular applications like Netflix and Facebook to highlight the importance of avoiding costly mistakes during initial development stages.

What you’ll learn:

  • How domain names work
  • Domain registration process
  • Role of domain registrars
  • Types of domains (TLD, ccTLD)
  • Role of ICANN
  • Conducting a Whois search
  • Registering a domain using GoDaddy
  • Administering a domain name using GoDaddy
  • Setting up domain name privacy, auto-renewal, domain forwarding
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) administration
  • Types of web hosting
  • Case analysis of shared, virtual private, dedicated, and cloud hosting
  • Assessing scalability and resource requirements

Enroll now and gain a solid understanding of domain names and web hosting, empowering yourself with the knowledge to navigate the digital landscape effectively.