Welcome to the Adobe Illustrator Course.

This course is a full program to learn graphic design and the Adobe Illustrator software in just 30 days.

The course starts with you from scratch until you reach an advanced level in using the software, as you will be able to create all the designs you like without any help.

The course walks with you in an organized step by step manner, in order for you to be able to understand the lessons and develop your way of using the tools, and in each level you will learn to use new tools and techniques.

This course is divided to 4 weeks:

In the first week you will learn the basics of the software and how to interact with the interface and the tools in the software, including the layers system which is used in most of the adobe software’s, and you will learn to use famous tools like the pen tool and the pencil tool, which allows you to draw complicated shapes in a smooth and easy way, and you will take a look at other tools as well.

In the second week you will learn multiple tips and tricks that will spare you a lot of time and effort. you will also learn to use colours to paint shapes in different ways, and how to use brushes, and also how to write text in the software and edit it to look in a special way, and you will even learn to create effects and use them to create a bunch of diverse designs, and finally you will learn to create 3D shapes in an easy and simple way.

The third week is for those of you that want to work as graphic designers, as you will learn to create multiple commercial designs like Flyers, Logos, Business Cards and T-shirts.

The fourth and last week will be for the advanced designs like Posters and Ads, and in this section you will use most of the techniques that you have learned in the former sections to create creative and professional designs.

After you finish this course you will be able to create any design you like and work as a graphic designer to bolster your resume with a new skill.