Harmonic trading often seems like a magic bullet tradings system based on its geometrical approach. It is also quite accessible by all types of traders. This has of course led to a lot of different modifications and different schools of thought but as you know the Traders Club loves authenticity so we go back to the roots of this one and aim to start beginners with what works rather than what is popular. 

You will notice that we have focused on the important aspects of harmonics and cut out the things that are not so important to deliver a practical based course that gets you in the driving seat as fast as possible. In the course you will learn to spot harmonic patterns before they complete, something most traders find difficult so often start buying predictive software. This is not wise, knowledge is power in the end. In this course we hope to help you achieve the skills you need to see your own patterns and execute trades on the most viable. 

Make no mistake, this is no magic battle as some would have you think but this is a low risk approach that will ensure steady growth. Have fun and don’t forget to ask questions. An advanced Harmonics will be coming soon.