Master React: Build Minesweeper Game and Learn Advanced Concepts

Welcome to the most comprehensive React course where you’ll learn everything from the basics to advanced concepts by building a real-world Minesweeper application.

Throughout this course, we’ll cover the essential topics, starting with setting up the development environment and configuring the React JS app. We’ll then dive into building the Minesweeper game, exploring the basic algorithms and concepts behind it.

Here are the key topics we’ll cover:

  • Configuring a ReactJS application with TypeScript using build tools like Webpack and Babel
  • Practicing Test-Driven Development (TDD) or Test-Last Development (TLD) approaches to enhance your testing skills
  • Tools for testing, including Jest, Stryker, and React Testing Library
  • Exploring TypeScript concepts and improving your skills
  • Advanced JavaScript techniques commonly used in React applications
  • Building a components library using Storybook and practicing Components Driven Development
  • Leveraging CSS-in-JS toolkits like EmotionJS and Styled-Components for powerful and flexible UI styling
  • Understanding React Hooks to create dynamic UI in your applications
  • Reviewing React Router versions 5 and 6 for effective routing
  • Implementing GitHub Actions for automated workflows, including CI/CD and deployment
  • Managing application state using Redux and simplifying Redux usage with the Redux-Toolkit library

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