Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer (PCNE) is a certification offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that validates the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and manage network solutions on Google Cloud.

The PCNE certification is intended for professionals who work with Google Cloud networking technologies and are responsible for designing and implementing network architectures, optimizing network performance, and ensuring the security and reliability of network infrastructure on GCP.

To earn the PCNE certification, individuals are required to demonstrate their proficiency in various areas, including:

-Designing and planning network architectures on Google Cloud.

-Implementing and managing Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks.

-Configuring network services such as Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud CDN, and Cloud DNS.

-Configuring network security features like firewall rules, Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy, and Cloud Armor.

-Monitoring and optimizing network performance and reliability.

-Troubleshooting network connectivity and performance issues.

Length: 2 hours

Registration fee: $200 (plus tax where applicable)

Languages: English

Exam format: 50-60 multiple choice and multiple select questions

By obtaining the PCNE certification, professionals can demonstrate their expertise in GCP networking and enhance their career prospects in cloud networking roles. It signifies a strong understanding of Google Cloud networking services and the ability to design and implement effective network solutions for organizations leveraging GCP.