Last update: October 2023

Google Cloud Digital Leader (GCDL) certification is a professional-level certification that demonstrates an individual’s ability to design, develop, and manage solutions using Google Cloud technology. The certification covers a wide range of Google Cloud products and services, including infrastructure, platform, and application services. To earn the GCDL certification, individuals must pass the Google Cloud Digital Leader Exam, which tests their practical knowledge and real-world experience with Google Cloud. This certification is ideal for IT professionals, developers, and solution architects who want to demonstrate their expertise in cloud computing and enhance their career opportunities in the industry.

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A client with an on-premises data center that wants to adopt the public cloud, work with multiple cloud providers, and continue using open-source container technologies.

Which product would you recommend?


– Anthos operates by using containers as its primary workloads.

– Kubernetes is a platform that primarily runs containers for their main tasks.

– Cloud Run enables the use of containers and allows for serverless scaling.

– AppEngine Flexible Environment can run containers.



  • on-premises data center: The client currently has their own data center infrastructure.
  • adopt the public cloud: The client wants to transition to using cloud services.
  • work with multiple cloud providers: The client wants to use services from different cloud providers.
  • open-source container technologies: The client wants to continue using container technologies based on open-source software.


  • Anthos – link


  • Anthos provides a unified management system for infrastructure and applications across various environments, including on-premises, edge, and multiple public clouds. It utilizes a control plane backed by Google Cloud to ensure consistent operations at scale.
  • While Kubernetes is technically possible, it would require complex manual setup and monitoring.
  • Cloud Run and AppEngine Flexible are limited to use within Google Cloud.
  • In the context of Google Cloud, Anthos is synonymous with multi-cloud.
  • When faced with multiple viable options, consider choosing the one with lower cost/effort, although this criteria is not explicitly mentioned.