Flutter, Google Gemini Chat Bot with Hive Local Storage: Build a Persistent AI App

Master AI conversations and persistent chat history in your Flutter app with Google Gemini and Hive!

This course equips you with the skills to build a powerful Flutter chat application powered by Google’s cutting-edge Gemini AI for natural language interactions. You’ll learn to seamlessly integrate Gemini using the google_generative_ai package, allowing your users to have engaging conversations with the AI. But that’s not all!

Never lose a conversation again! We’ll show you how to implement Flutter Hive for local storage, enabling users to save their chat history and pick up conversations right where they left off.

Cater to all preferences with a user-friendly light and dark mode toggle. Enhance your app’s usability and provide a comfortable experience for all users.

Unlock the full potential of Gemini! This course delves into both the Gemini-Pro and Gemini-Pro-Vision models, empowering you to explore the different functionalities of Google’s AI technology.

No API key woes! We’ll guide you through the process of generating your own API key from Google, ensuring a smooth integration of Gemini into your Flutter project.

Whether you’re a Flutter beginner or an experienced developer seeking to add AI to your skillset, this course is for you! Enroll today and start building your own intelligent conversation app with the power of Flutter, Google Gemini, and Hive local storage.

This course includes downloadable resources and access to the instructor for any questions you may have along the way.