Learn how to create dynamic and attention-grabbing video lectures quickly and easily with InVideo. Join me as we explore the entire creation process, from understanding InVideo’s features to designing lectures by scenes and adding/editing voiceovers.

In this course, you have the option to use your own article/post/thesis and transform it into a custom video lecture. Alternatively, you can utilize the attached materials provided, including my company’s article on the 4 Principles of Design in PowerPoint, a voiceover text, scene scripts, relevant graphic materials, and MP3 files for the voiceover.

At InVideo, the online video maker, you will have access to:

  • Over 3000 unique hand-crafted templates, with more than 100 new templates added monthly.
  • A built-in media library boasting over a million images and stock footage from premium sources like Shutterstock and Storyblocks, covering various topics (not limited to video courses).
  • Background music spanning various genres and categories, along with automated voiceover capabilities that support multiple languages.

Together, we will learn step-by-step how to search for and use Article-to-Video templates, enabling you to create stunning video lectures for platforms such as YouTube, Udemy, Skillshare, and auto webinars for your online business. With the intuitive InVideo editor, this process will be fast and easy.

Throughout the learning experience, you will:

  • Develop video editing skills.
  • Obtain a video lecture (2:32 minutes in length) based on NeitDesign’s article on the 4 Principles of Design in PowerPoint.
  • Alternatively, create your own video lecture using your own article.

You can start using the InVideo editor for free by signing up on their website. With the free plan, you’ll have access to full editing features (excluding premium templates and media library resources), as well as free resources from Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash. Note that there is a limit of 60 videos per month with a watermark.

By opting for any InVideo pricing plan, you’ll enjoy additional benefits, including access to premium templates, 1 million+ premium photos and videos from Storyblocks and Shutterstock, and the ability to export watermark-free video lectures up to 15 minutes in length.

Join over 150,000 users across 150 countries who have embraced InVideo. Although the editor interface is currently in English, you can input text in any language for your videos and utilize the multiple-language automated voiceover feature.

InVideo opens up new possibilities for online educators worldwide. Seize this opportunity to take your teaching to the next level and enhance the learning experience for your students!