Learn the art of generating AI-powered graphics and artwork from your imagination in our comprehensive course. Discover how to transform your pictures into sellable digital art and become a successful digital artist and entrepreneur in the era of AI and web3.

First, we will guide you through the sign-up process and the requirements to use the AI tool. You will learn how to navigate and utilize the different sections of the tool, which include Text2Dream, Deep Style, and Deep Dream. Each subsection has its unique advantages, features, and settings, allowing you to generate AI art effortlessly from text, imagination, and existing images.

The exciting part is that you can turn your hobby into a business and create a passive income stream. We will share multiple ways to monetize your AI art service and provide inspiration by showcasing successful AI art sellers who are already selling their creations as digital and physical art on various platforms.

By the end of this course, you will not only gain a new skill but also have the knowledge to start a profitable online business with the potential for passive income. Join us on this AI art generation journey and unleash your creativity. Let’s dive right into the course and learn how it works to embark on your AI art adventure.