The ultimate Forex trading course where I teach you what I’ve learned and accumulated in over 10 years of Forex & Stock trading. Learn how to trade the charts naked without any fancy indicators, and see price for itself. You will gain  insights into Market Maker behavior complete with in-depth examples and explanations of the why & how, and where of price movement.

This is a comprehensive 5-hour long course that condenses all the material to the core concepts for you to quickly learn, apply, and begin your journey towards a career in financial market trading.

Key concepts you will learn:

·         5 hours of direct visual teaching going over all of the main concepts of professional trading applicable to any Market

·         Mastering the basics of Market Structure & Trends

·         Mastering the basics of S&D, Price Action, Price Patterns

·         Mastering the basics of Liquidity Zones, Liquidity Levels

·         Mastering the basics of using the Fibonacci Retracement tool effectively

·         Learn how to read Volume like a pro and identify fake-outs and traps

·         Learn key Risk Management principles and how to maximize risk:reward ratio

·         Learn to trade without any expensive indicators/tools/signal services

·         Live Trade examples &  detailed chart breakdowns, chart markup A-Z

Course is broken down by each major topic along with summary lectures to ensure concepts are understood and learnings are solidified. At the end there will be a lengthy session where real world examples are reviewed to show the theory in action.