Part 1: Introduction to Manual Calculation of Structural Elements for Beginner Civil Engineers

Learn the manual calculation of various structural elements, including:

  1. Slab Thickness: Discover how to determine the thickness of different types of slabs, such as waffle slabs (type 1 and type 2), ribbed slabs, solid slabs, and flat slabs. Explore the properties, advantages, and disadvantages of each slab type.
  2. Beam Thickness: Understand the interior and exterior beam thickness in different types of slabs. Learn how to choose the optimized design for the slab-beam system.

Part 2: Learn Basic AutoCAD Commands for Shop Drawing Practice

Prepare for shop drawing practice by mastering essential AutoCAD commands, including:

  • Drawing lines
  • Drawing polylines
  • Copying and moving objects
  • Drawing X-lines
  • Drawing circles
  • Drawing hatches
  • Matching properties
  • Printing sheets

Part 3: Shop Drawing of Civil Engineering Projects

Take the first steps in creating shop drawings for civil engineering projects with the following techniques:

  1. Drawing the Structural Axes
  2. Distributing the Columns
  3. Drawing Column Details and Elevations
  4. Reinforcing the Columns and creating a table
  5. Drawing Slab Layouts and Reinforcement
  6. Drawing Beam Layouts and Reinforcement
  7. Drawing Beam and Section Details
  8. Drawing Foundation Layouts
  9. Drawing Foundation Sections
  10. Reinforcing the Foundations

Master these skills to excel in manual calculations, AutoCAD usage, and shop drawing creation for civil engineering projects. Start your journey today!