Hello everyone welcome to our class of Capcut Tutorial for learning video editing for social media so if you are planning to learn video editing from the beginning than you are in right place because we will cover in this class from the basic to advanced. This is a semi-advanced level class so if you have any previous experience than it might be helpful for you to understand this class properly.

Lets take a look what you will learn from this class:

1. Introduction to Workspace and the Interface

2. Importing your media in Capcut

3. Trimming, Splitting and Shortcut keys to use

4. Color Grading and using Luts in your video

5. Understanding the Keyframing in Capcut

6. Working with Green Screen and using the Background Blur in Capcut

7. Making an Instagram Reel in Capcut

8. Creating an Instagram Story in Capcut

9. Making a Tiktok Video

10. Making a Youtube Thumbnail for your Video

11. Making a Youtube Video in Capcut

12. Making a Youtube Short

13. Making a Facebook Video

After complete this class you will be able to do

– Advanced Editing Techniques

– Advanced Effects

– Text and Titles

– Advanced Export Settings

– Workflow Optimization

– Project Examples

This is a project based class so during learning you will have class project so what you learned you will be able to participate in class project so you can do practice while you are learning. You will have supporting resource in this class so it will be easier for you to learn.

During learning if you face any issue or if you have any question than feel free to ask me I am always there for you to help you. So lets start learning Capcut for Video Editing Together.