Become a proficient React developer by building a fully functional calculator in this step-by-step course. React, a powerful JavaScript library used by industry giants like Netflix, Facebook, and Airbnb, enables the creation of interactive user interfaces with UI components. Developed and maintained by Meta and a vibrant community, React is free, open-source, and ideal for designing complex UIs. With React, you can build encapsulated components that manage their own state and update the UI automatically when data changes, offering features like real-time content refresh on social media feeds.

Through a hands-on project, you’ll learn the fundamental principles of React. Starting with the basics and necessary tools, you’ll delve into JSX, functional components, props, callbacks, and handling onClick events. As the course progresses, the calculator will have a complete visual display and functional arithmetic operations. You’ll explore passing parameters in callback functions, utilizing the React State Hook, and debugging techniques.

Additionally, the course provides a comprehensive overview of JavaScript for those in need of a refresher. From understanding the Document Object Model (DOM) to manipulating DOM elements for interactivity, you’ll cover JavaScript essentials. Topics include JavaScript placement, data output, variable declaration, arithmetic operations, data types, objects, arrays, conditional statements, comparison operators, booleans, loops, functions, and events. To solidify your knowledge, you’ll apply JavaScript skills to build a web-based photo gallery and background color changer.

Led by Tim Maclachlan, a senior full-stack developer with over 20 years of commercial experience, this course offers expert guidance and real-world insights. Tim’s passion for teaching shines through as he shares his expertise in algorithmic, analytical, and mobile development.

Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a proficient React developer. Let Tim guide you through this comprehensive course and unlock the full potential of React and JavaScript. Hit the enroll button and start coding today!