This course looks at various themes in art therapy. especially we look at the work of Pepe (international cartoonist) both through his eyes and, of course, his work is up for discussion.

Other sections covered include:

  • Symbols in Art Therapy
  • Mistakes people make when analysing art
  • Art Therapy and Loneliness

The emphasis throughout is on DOING and thus DISCUSSION. This is an Art Therapy course with the emphasis on therapy; so yes, you create art (exercises and a manual are included) but then you pause and on reflection, analyse. Through that process you start/continue your journey of self-exploration.

This course is the third in the 6-course series that makes up the Triple Star Oxford Diploma. Although the courses are standalone they should be seen as a continuum as they involve the work and analysis by FOUR Instructors – and the work of few others!

Nothing on this course is compulsory BUT you are encouraged throughout to share: not only your artwork but your thoughts and comment on the work of the Instructors in this course, featured questions and the submissions of other students.

Always go slowly; always pause or stop if you wish. It is important that as you learn, so you grow and this is based on enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy the course!