This is the FIRST of a six-part series on Art Therapy Four Instructors were involved in the making of this course and in each case their work is featured with their own analysis

The good thing is that if you enrol on just ONE of the courses in the series – and complete it – then you can enrol in the next ‘episode’ for free. Then the next, then the next – until you have completed the series

PLUS on completion you will receive the Triple Star Oxford Diploma which is the highest level award I give on my courses.

For this first in the series course the following topics are covered

  • Using art therapy to analyse yourself
  • Analysing your doodles
  • Analysing collages
  • Analysing abstract art

We also look at poetry and consider the work of

  • John Berger
  • Harold Rosenberg
  • Arthur C Danto

Throughout the course the emphasis is on YOUR WORK; YOU doing the exercises, learning as you go along The more you participate in the Q/A, the more you will learn – and the more you will enjoy the course – all six in the series

Remember: do not rush – you have a long way to go That said, each course is also a standalone course You have Lifetime Access so you could complete the course and not start the next one (for free) until next year

It is your choice

You are in control