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Looking to learn all about the Rust programming language? Want to be more proficient in building a modern, safe and powerful applications and systems? The Udemy best-selling course is a choice, ‘The Rust Programming Language‘ course will teach you all the fundamentals of Rust programming language and how to solve problems in Rust.Course name:

  • Course name: The Rust Programming Language
  • Instructor: Dmitri Nesteruk
  • Rating & students: 4.2 (729 ratings) and 3,647 students enrolled
  • Course includes: 5.5 hours of HD video, 2 downloadable resource
  • Content: 45 lectures in total
  • Requirement: To learn the Rust course, you’d know the basics of computer science. And a PC with a Rust-enabled IDE is necessary
  • Targets: This course is especially for those system programmers, developers, C++ and C programmers

What you’ll learn from the Rust course:

  • You’ll get a better understanding of the Rust language
  • You’ll know how to write your own applications or some libraries
  • You’ll learn the very effective way to guarantee the Rust’s memory safety
  • You’ll acquire the methods to test and document your code effectively
  • You’ll learn to install Rust and how to work with IDE
  • You’ll get a good understanding of arrays, vectors, strings, slices, functions, closures, and the various data structures
  • You’ll learn how to create data structures with ease
  • You’ll learn how to share data with Rc, Arc, or Mutex
  • … much more

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Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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