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Result-Oriented Web Developer Course
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Have you been wondering whether the result-oriented web developer is good or not? Have you been confused about what result-oriented development is meant by? Or have you been planning to be a junior web developer but don’t know how to get started? Then here is a good place to start when it comes to the Result-Oriented Web Developer Course. This course is designed by Udemy renowned mentor called Vertex Academy, which will can tell everything you need to master to be a good result-oriented web developer.

All What You Need to Know About The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course

Result-Oriented Web Developer Course course will teach people how to build resume-worthy projects using popular programmings and master the sought-after skills and techniques to be an advanced and highly productive web developer. In this course, you will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4 and more must-have programming skills that a high-paid developer needs. However, the course won’t spend you much time, which just includes 35 hours of on-demand video guide, 65 articles, 15 downloadable resources, and 282 lectures in total. Any one can learn it at their own schedule, anywhere. Next, let’s see what you will learn from the each lecture.

The Result-Oriented Development Course Lectures

  • 3 lectures on how to get started, and how to get most out of the course
  • 20 lectures focuses on the popular HTML 5 programming language
  • 4 lectures on the project 1
  • 40 lectures on tell you everything you need to know to master CSS 3 language
  • 4 lectures teach you what the Emmet is and how to install it
  • 5 lectures give you a brief introduction to Photoshop and how to install it
  • 4 lectures help you continue the second project of ExotiCar
  • 8 lectures regarding the foundation of Flexbox, including definition, Flex-direction, Justify-content, Align-self, Flex-wrap, flex order, and more
  • 7 lectures about the project 3 of Gotham
  • 12 lectures teach you all things you need to know about Bootstrap 4
  • 1 lectures on project 4
  • 11 lectures on project 5
  • 59 lectures focuses on the sought-after programming skills of JavaScript
  • 3 lectures about project 6 of block manipulation
  • 5 lectures on project 7 of balloons
  • 15 lectures on jQuery
  • 2 lectures on project 8, including to-do list
  • 4 lectures tell you more about GIT basics
  • 4 lectures about the command line you need to know
  • 6 lectures help you get started with Node.js basics, understand how Node.js work and how to install it
  • 4 lectures will explain what npm is
  • 7 lectures tell the basics of routing
  • 6 lectures on what Modules are
  • 6 lectures help you understand the asynchronous JavaScript
  • 10 lectures on the knowledge of MongoDB
  • 8 lectures teach you how to create, read, update, and delete REST API
  • 7 lectures tell you what jWT is and how to handle with security and authentication
  • 17 lectures help you get into the advanced project 9

Course Requirements:

The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course course is designed for anyone who want to learn to be a junior web developer though you are a complete beginner. So it doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the programming. The only required thing is that a willing to finish the course.

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Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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