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Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python” course will give you the most in-depth learning of recommendation systems. This course, which is designed to introduce how to use Recommender Systems across multiple platforms and have a huge impact on your business. In detail, you will deep into machine learning, deep learning, data science, AI, neural networks, and more sought-after technologies. After completing this course, you will be able to a master in working with Recommender Systems. So, if you want to master all the fundamentals and techniques in recommender systems, then the course will be a great choice.


The recommender systems is widely spread and used in almost all online businesses, like Google search results, Youtube video dashboard, Facebook news, Twitter pages and more. It can be said that the recommender systems application is everywhere, which proves that the widespread of machine learning technologies in businesses. People can utilize recommender systems in all sorts of scenarios where many people interact with products or services.

Some Details of The Recommender Systems Course

The Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python course includes 9.5 hours of on-demand video and 68 lectures. Refer to some details of the curriculum:

There are 17 lectures for the simple Recommender Systems.
There are 8 lectures for learning about collaborative filtering
There are 19 lectures for learning the matrix factorization and deep learning
There are 6 lectures regarding the introduction of BIG data and Spark
There are 2 lectures for Keras Neural Network
There are 13 lectures for Appendix and coding skills.

Some Requirements of The Recommendation Engine Course

The course, which is designed for those people who know some basic arithmetic, Keras and are skillful in Python programming language. Before taking this course, you’d better know whether it is a right start for beginners or not.

Where Can You Purchase This Course?

The Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python course is taught by Lazy Programmer Inc on Udemy. Anyone people in machine learning, deep learning or data science can learn this course. And Udemy offers a series of coupons and promotions that will help you learn a course at the very cost-effective price. For this recommender systems course, Udemy coupon allows you to have a low price just at $9.99. So, how to redeem a valid Udemy coupon? The fast and easy way is to simply open the button as follows and the Udemy coupon will be activated. What are you looking for? Learn the best-selling Recommender Systems and Deep Learning in Python course at $9.99 today.

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Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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