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Practical iOS 11 – Learn All the Powerful New Features

Udemy is gaining significance rapidly; it is one of the top websites for online learning and full of excellent instructors taking courses in different languages. The web and application development at Udemy have the very in-depth reach and thorough take on the matter. The Practical iOS 11 – Build amazing iOS 11 apps course has been developed with the help of famous programming experts to create a course which will improve your programming and development skills

Course: Practical iOS 11 – Learn all the powerful new features

The course has been developed by well known Swift programmer Stephen DeStefano. His bestselling book ‘Practical iOS 11’ has been turned into forms of lectures and video tutorials along with his support in the process. The course extensively uses diagrams, callouts, lengthy explanations, annotations and highlights to ease the way to explain the complicated course matter. The curriculum has been developed in such a way that you can now grasp what is being taught about coding with ease and with simple steps.

This course can be very fulfilling as a reference kit which can, in turn, be used in various combinations of the Apple documents. You are free to visit any point of the video based tutorial whenever you need to clear the doubts and for a better understanding of the instructions. The course very strictly focuses on Swift and iOS 11 without any diversion. You will be provided with facilities to build seven whole projects, and this is learning enabled to teach the latest features of iOS 11 and five techniques that will strengthen all this knowledge and make you capable of building amazing applications.

Some Details of This Course:

  • Instructor: Created by Stephen DeStefano
  • Category: Development
  • Price: $200 (before discount)
  • Language: English
  • Includes: 6.5 hours of video, 1 article, 20 supplemental resources
  • Devices: Access on mobile and TV
  • Target Audiences: Intermediate and advanced programmers

Things to Learn in the Course

  • Learn to work on Apple’s latest APIs for the iOS 11 platform
  • Learn to build applications through these
  • Learn to work with XCode language, Swift language and more

Things Required for the Course

  • MacOS enables computer or a PC that supports iOS or MacOS
  • XCode 9 is required, this can be downloaded for free from App Store
  • Basic knowledge on the subject as this is an advanced course

The Course Package Includes

  • 6.5 hours of on-demand video
  • Lifetime access
  • 1 Article
  • 19 Supplemental resources
  • Accessible on both TV and Mobile devices
  • Certificate of completion at the end of the course


  • This is an advanced course that contains lessons on the XCode features and an introduction to the Swift 4 language for people who have prior knowledge on the matter as this isn’t a complete beginner’s course.
  • The course teaches you ways of coding the latest APIs rightly of the new iOS 11 platform.
  • There is a full PDF Kit framework, through this you can learn about fast and effective PDF reproduction.
  • There are many toggle, drag and drop options and custom built controls.

The Practical iOS 11 – Build amazing iOS 11 apps course is developed keeping in mind the advanced programmers and there in no in-depth lessons for basic Swift language. This is strict to improve and provide more information on advanced Swift 4. The five techniques to build top-grade applications has been explained thoroughly which will improve and pave opportunities for better career options. If you are interested in learning to build amazing, real-world projects through Apple’s latest release – iOS 11, don’t miss out on the best time to get this course at best value.

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