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The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020)
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What are determinants of a professional and sought-after JavaScript developer? This is surely one of the significant questions, and question that has overwhelmed many of programmers, developers, engineers, matures, and newbies and more who want to dive deep into the world of JavaScript. Fortunately, we find The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) course for you. The course will answer that question and help to build up your JavaScript skillsets from scratch. Are you seeking to master JavaScript and be more professional in building absolutely beautiful apps? This course will be a good boot camp.

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About The JavaScript Course

The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) course is sold on Udemy, one of the most up-to-date JavaScript courses online, and taught by the industry’s experts of Colt Steele and Stephen Grider. This course comes designed with the most up-to-date Java Script skills and techniques, aims at helping all learners keep up with the cutting-edge features of JS frameworks. In this course, you will learn how to learn all things about JavaScript from scratch, you will be able to build your own web apps and add the sought-after JavaScript skills to your employability portfolio. You will learn how to work with NodeJS and Express, and how to deeply understand the JS internals. You will also learn to create a e-commerce app and complete the authentication. Along with that, you will learn to test your code automatically and be able to customize your own frameworks. At the end of The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) course, you will become an advanced JavaScript developer and be confident in applying a high-paid job or advancing your current career.

Some details of the JavaScript course:

  • Course name:The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020)
  • Instructors: Colt Steele, Stephen Grider
  • Video guide 52 hours of on-demand video guide
  • Resources: 343 downloadable resources and 2 articles,
  • Lectures: 480 lectures
  • Language: English
  • Last updated: 12/2019
  • Rating: As of 12/2019… 4.8 (517 ratings)
  • Students: As of 12/2019… 8,774 students enrolled
  • Language: English


The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) course is created for anyone who want to learn everything about JavaScript. Although you are complete beginner, it will be a good start for learning to become a JavaScript master. No prior experience required.

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In a word

The New Modern Javascript Bootcamp (2020) course is taught by Udemy acclaimed instructors, will teach you all the latest features of JavaScript. If you’ve been always seeking to leveling up your current JavaScript skills level but don’t know where to get started, then we recommend you try the course on Udemy and you will find some more surprises. This course doesn’t require any previous experience with JavaScript, perfect for anyone who want to get an ultimate JavaScript course. This course will help you get started with all the basics of JavaScript, and you then will learn to build amazing projects step by step. Upon accomplishment, you can understand and master JavaScript like an expert.

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Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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