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Modern JavaScript From The Beginning is a top-rated web development course that will tell you how to master the JavaScript programming language and build real projects practically. The course is taught by Brad Traversy and till now has more than 20,000 students enrolled. If you are completely new to JavaScript and want to learn it without libraries and frameworks, the course can tell you how to start. Let’s know more about the Modern JavaScript From The Beginning course.

Some Details of The JavaScript Course:

The Modern JavaScript From The Beginning course covers everything that a complete beginner need to know about the sought-after JavaScript programming language. In this course, there are 120 lectures to help you master JavaScript from the complete beginner to advanced. Refer to some details of the course curriculum.

At first, you will get 3 lectures for a brief introduction
You will learn 17 lectures about all the fundamentals of JavaScript language you need to know
You will learn 12 lectures regarding the knowledge of DOM manipulation and events
You will learn 10 lectures about the DOM projects
You will learn 13 lectures on the knowledge of the object-oriented JavaScript and OOP book list project
You will learn about 15 lectures for understanding the asynchronous, Ajax, and Fetch API
You will learn 9 lectures on API projects, and 6 lectures on how to handle errors and regular expressions
You will learn 6 lectures about the new feature of ES2015
You will learn 7 lectures to master JavaScript patterns
You will learn 12 lectures about how to use the module pattern
You will learn 9 lectures about Webpack and Babel

Who is The Target Audience?

The Modern JavaScript From The Beginning course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning the JavaScript programming language. The course requires basic knowledge of HTML or CSS, so you’d better know this before starting the course.

Why is The JavaScript Course Right for Beginner?

This Modern JavaScript From The Beginning course does not involve any library and framework while learning JavaScript, which will largely reduce the difficulty to master JavaScript. This is why the course is a priority by most complete beginners. Besides that, the course is well instructed by the author Brad Traversy, who has over 58,166 students on Udemy, and most of them are very satisfied with courses. Along with that, the course can be auto-generated in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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In a word, the Modern JavaScript From The Beginning course will be a good choice if you want to learn the pure JavaScript programming language with ease. What are you hesitating for? Don’t miss out on using the best Udemy coupon code here so that you can join the highest rated JavaScript course at considerable savings. Hurry, join the JavaScript course at its best price now.

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