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How to become an expert in ethical hacking? How to learn everything you need to grasp the Python programming skill and ethical hacking technology? This hot and new Udemy course called “Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch” is a right choice. This course will give you over 175 detailed and well-structured videos on all the knowledge you need to know about Python programming languages and ethical hacking techniques. If you have been always looking for a good boot camp for enhancing your skills of Python programming & ethical hacking but don’t know how to start, then don’t miss out on the Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch course taught by Zaid Sabih.

What will you learn in this hot Python programming and ethical hacking course?

The Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch course doesn’t require you have the previous knowledge of Python or ethical hacking, that is to say, anyone who is interested in learning Python and ethical hacking simultaneously could join this course. In this course, you’ll get nearly 23.5 hours’ video guide, 1 article, 7 supplemental resources, 176 lectures and more. For the details, refer to as follows:

What is Python programming and hacking
How to install a virtual machine on your device
What is the lab and how to set up
What is the Kali software and how to install it as a virtual machine
Have a basic understanding of Kali Linux and how to use it
Learn more about Linux terminals and commands
How to interact with the Linux terminal
How to run the Linux commands
What is Python 2 and Python 3
Why should you learn Python
What is the difference between Python 2 and Python 3
How to write your own first program using Python programming language
How to install and utilize a Python IDE
What are MAC Changer and Algorithm design
How to write a MAC address changer using the basic knowledge of Python
How to program a network scanner
How to write an ARP spoofer, DNS Spoofer
How to write code injectors
How to bypass HTTPS
How to write an ARP spoof detector
How to write a malware, like a keylogger, backdoors, packaging, and more
How to write a program to collect login information
How to create a vulnerability scanner and write a crawler
How to hack a website or web application
…. much more

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At last

After the completion of this Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch course, you’ll be more confident in working with Python programming and ethical hacking. If you’ve bee always struggling to find a highly practical course that is great for learning both programming skills and ethical hacking, the Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch is highly recommended. Do you want to take the course now? Are you interested in taking this course at a very low price? You can take the course at Udemy for up to 95% off using a coupon. To get a valid Udemy coupon code, you can click on the below button to apply it immediately. After that, the price will be at just $9.99.

Tips: Refer to a simple video guide on how to use the Udemy 95% off Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch coupon code.

Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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