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Learn and Understand NodeJS: It’s the best choice for you. Technology has been moving faster than it used to be and there are many developments in the other fields also due to this growth. Education has been witnessing many considerable changes with the emergence of new and efficient technologies. With these changes around the globe, technical education has become one of the greatest requirements of today.

This can boost up your careers to a much greater level of success. NodeJS is one among those technologies which are greatly preferred for enhancing the technological outlook. There have been many considerable benefits of learning the use and basics of NodeJS. Therefore we will be discussing all of it for you.

Know More About NodeJS

NodeJS is one of the most rapidly growing technologies for web servers. Knowing about it would be the best part of your education as this will let you get more and extremely more opportunities for your career. This technology is used for building up many robust web applications and has been in use throughout the globe.

Node developers are known to count among the highest paid officials in the industry. Therefore if you have your interest in the technical field, then this can be one of the best options available for you. The knowledge of this can get you one of the best jobs and also boost up the one in existence.

Through this Learn and Understand NodeJS course in NodeJS, you can improve many of your abilities and use them as your key towards greater success. You will be able to tackle with some common pit falls and also debug problems more easily. This course usually focuses on the working of the V8 JavaScript engine written in the C++ language. Using this technology you can expand the capabilities of the JavaScript language.

You will be able to understand the structures coding very easily and use your creativity with it do to greater things further. You will be clearer with the working and designing of modules. This knowledge can be of great importance on your work front.

You will be introduced to the asynchronous codes and their working in different ways. Also, you will know about their application in various technical fields. You will also learn the use of buffers, pipes, streams, event emitter, and the working of various other files.

You will soon be able to build a web server in Node. There will; be many more associated factors about which you will be learning in detail. You will know some more things about the APIs, websites and various web apps and the use of Node as developers in these. Therefore there is a lot to know.

This process will go through the basics of many JavaScript and other concepts related to computer science. These are known to support Node in many ways. This is not something very hard to do; it will only take up a bit of understanding and see you will be the master of this.

Therefore this Learn and Understand NodeJS course is surely going to be a great experience for you and one of the best decisions too. However, before starting, it is good to have a bit of basics cleared so that you can move on to the next levels very easily within less time.

This Course Review

There are many levels in learning this interesting topic. Knowing about the different parts of the Learn and Understand NodeJS course will help you to move systematically and achieve more. All the teaching activities and the various classes will be help as per the working of Express.

Hosted with NodeJS and written in Javascript, Express is one of the most popular web frameworks. The module will explain some of the important benefits of this framework and the use of this in the setting up of your environment for development. You will further taught to use this to complete web deployment and development tasks. Therefore there is going to be a major role played by Express ion your learning process.


Before you start with this module and course, you need o know some really important things to be more clear. First of all, you need to know and understand what web framework and also server side web is programming. This is one of the most important parts covered in the complete course, therefore, you need to understand these in the best manner. There is a lot of advantage to you if you have a bit of basic knowledge about the various programming languages, specially the JavaScript language. This will be of great use to you. However, the core concepts can be understood without these also.

Step by Step

The process will move on step by step in a perfect order. Knowing these beforehand will help you to do things better and be ready for the further challenges. We will now discuss all these steps one by one.

Node/Express Introduction

The first class will be consisting of a perfect introduction to Nodes and Express. You will be answered about what are they? Also, you will be provided with a perfect overview of this topic so that you can acquire deeper knowledge further. You will be introduced to some of the major building blocks and the features of the Express web frameworks. This way you will get more familiar with the Express application. However the further deep details will be in the next parts, this is just an introduction.

Setting up A Development Environment with Node /Express

Here when you have known all important things about the existence of Node, you will be told some more things. Here you will get to know about how to test and set up Node development environment on various operating systems. These include Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows. This will provide you with the best knowledge for all types of operating systems. Therefore you can practice and apply this anywhere. This will be one of the important parts as this going to create a base of using these technologies. With these basics, you can start developing some interesting Express apps.

Express Tutorial: The Website for Local Library

This is practical tutorial which will let you know about the various points and overview of the local library. There are many more points on which we will be working on and evolving some new facts on the topic through practical information. This will move on with the help of some relevant facts and also considerable examples. These will help you to learn things even better. There will be many more interesting things further.

Part 2: The Creation of Skeleton Websites

At this level you will know some ways and techniques for creating “skeleton” website projects. The rules and important facts associated with them and many more things. The ways to populate these with some site-specific routes, and also through template views, and databases. These skeleton sites are the best to be clear with the topic and have the perfect practical knowledge of the subject. This is the best way to apply your knowledge practically and get deeper into the subject.

Part 3: The use of Database

Here, you will be introduced to the various databases that can work with Nodes/Express. Further, you will be explained in detail about how these can work in the best manner with the Nodes framework. Also, you will be told some ways of providing the database accessibility to the local library site. There will also be a perfect explanation of the various modules and the declaration of field types and basic validation also. You will also be shown some major ways of accessing the model data.

Part 4: Routes and Controllers

In this class, you will be guided in setting up of the routes or URL codes with the help of “dummy” functions for all the end points resources. These will be needed eventually in the Local Library website. You will then get to know many important things about the structural codes for route handling which can be extended using the real handler functions. There will also be a perfect explanation off the different ways and the process of creating some really effective modular routes with the help of Express. This is going to be a perfect guide for you.

Part 5: Display of Library Data

You will now be ready to add up the pages which display website books of the local library. These pages include more of home pages which show up the various records for different model types. Along with this, there will be a list and the details of the different pages for all the models. This is one of the effective ways of gaining practical knowledge hand in hand. This will be very effective in the practice of using templates and getting records from various databases.

Part 6: Working with Forms

Here you will get to know about how to work with HTML forms in Express with the help of Pug. Also, you will also know in detail about the creation forms and how to update the. Along with these, you will get to know how to delete documents from a database. This one of the important parts included in this Learn and Understand NodeJS course.

Part 7: Deploying to Production

After learning and practically creating one of the awesome library websites you will learn further about how to make it useful and reach the public platform. You will learn how to install this website to a public web server in some easy steps. Also, the rules and terminologies associated with it. This will be accessed by many people over the Internet and also the library staff. This section is considered about some best ways to find a perfect host for deploying your website. Also, you may be told about the needs and requirements to make the site ready for production.

There Is Much More

This course is not limited to some parts of JavaScript, Nodes and other databases and operating systems. But they are filled with many more interesting things to be known. There may be many new things which you get to know about the programming methodologies and the establishment of the perfect ideas on the web. Therefore these courses can be of great use for you if you are finding better jobs in the IT sector. Here are some more things for you:

Synchronous Programming: You will get to know in detail about synchronous programming. Also, you will be told about the various applications of synchronous programming in Nodes. Most of the I/O operations have been conducted synchronously as per the traditional programming methodologies. There is also a perfect explanation for the use of these in the real files in Java and other languages. You will also get some tips and methodologies to tackle the various problems in a better way.

Asynchronous Programming: There will also be the introduction and parts with deep details about asynchronous programming methodology. It is the form of an input/ output which permits the continuation of further processing before the transmission is finished. There will also be a perfect description of the uses of these asynchronous programs for the completion of some specific tasks.

This is one of the other ways to read various information, other than the synchronous programming methods. However, an issue with this programming is that it blocks Node until the operation is finished. Therefore there are much more things to be considered about these issues and the ways to tackle them.

The Online Course Benefits

With the technological growth and increasing demands of the companies, there have been a lot of changes in the education pattern. Therefore to ensure that you build up a powerful career, you need to take up such technical courses after your degrees. These are a perfect base for the ones seeking better jobs in companies with technical backgrounds. These officials are paid the highest among all the considerable posts. Therefore taking up an online course like this will allow you to develop more of your qualities along with the continuing job.

Therefore it can be said that the knowledge of NodeJS will help you reach greater heights in future.

What Are Programming Languages?

  • A programming language is a unique set of instructions that can be used by a person to make the computer run various programs. Nowadays programming languages are basically the high-level languages like Basic, Java, etc.
  • The languages are used by programmers to develop applications, software programs, games, etc.
  • Every programming language has their unique set of keywords and a specialized syntax which the person has to follow to develop a program.
  • Often in programming, you have to update the program from time to time to keep it running in the optimum condition.
  • Programming languages are used to set up everything that you see in the computer from a basic Operating System to the numerous websites that you see on the internet. Even the heavily graphic video games use programming languages as their base.
  • The most popular programming languages right now are Java, SQL, C++, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Benefits of learning Programming Languages:

  • Learning Programming Languages helps the brain think more creatively as every program has to be set differently. It will make you think in a different way and let you have quicker ideas as you brainstorm to get the perfect set for the specific program.
  • The Computational Skills of a person are heightened as they start learning programming languages. What they will automatically start to think is more logical and systematical way as they are using the techniques while forming their programs. You have to implement your brain powers which include mathematics, algorithm, and logic every moment you are coming up with a program.
  • Job opportunities are heightened as you learn a programming language. Coding is a very important part of today‚Äôs technology related jobs. You can even do freelance coding and earn as much as you like. If you learn app development along your programming, your options will get more diverse, and you can earn big amounts.
  • You can even start your own business and learn the ways of technological business as you start becoming a professional programmer.

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Other details about this course:

  • Course author: Created by Anthony Alicea
  • Category: Development
  • Language: English and Closed Captions available
  • Rating: As of 5/2017… 4.6 (9,761 ratings)
  • Popularity: As of 5/2017… 51,965 students enrolled
  • Includes: 13 hours of video, 5 articles, 7 supplemental resources, and 98 lectures
  • Requirements: Basic knowledge of Javascript and HTML, and a text editor
  • Price: $195 (before discount)
  • Coupon: 95% off with Udemy coupon

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At Last

Udemy provides a lot of options in the sector of learning programming languages, for them, this falls in the development category along with options for app and game development. If you visit the website, you will see that they have options from C++ to Python and they have multiple courses for the same language. The courses are divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional courses to make it easier for the person.

Often, they also provide you with crash courses if you already know the language. The teachers are very good, and they provide you exclusive materials that will help you in the future. Learn a totally new language based on the computer and that too online and save your precious time while making up a lucrative career. As believed, career success does requires a lifelong learning. Follow below button to take this course at the lowest price on Udemy.com now.

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