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Udemy is an online platform being well known for its online teaching and learning courses offered to all the interested students all over the world. The Udemy website offers the candidates with great minute details about the various courses that are being offered by them. The syllabus for particular courses is also offered on their website itself. Candidates enrolling for particular courses can also promote their teachers or experts through various online platforms, thereby, making other people aware of this amazing online opportunity.. Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2018 course is just the one we recommend for you today.

Things to learn

Designing a landing page which will be high converting with no line of code
Getting the conversion rates of landing page doubled or tripled by the application of perceived value, clarity and simplicity
Getting A/B tests run for guarantying an improved conversion rate, lacking in knowledge about statistics
Techniques for designing a call to action which is responsible in motivating your visitors for taking up action that you would like them to opt for
Application of frameworks related to psychological persuasion for one’s landing websites as well as pages
Writing headlines which will surely appeal visitors
Determining the best landing page type for sending to the marketing campaign
Running certified usability tests such as preference test or five second test
Getting one’s boss convinced for allocating more of company’s resources in order to optimize the rate of conversion
Understanding the traffic of one’s website based on the model of Fogg Behavior
Creation of a professional logo in Photoshop
Identification of issues that are hindering the current conversion rate


Students willing to join this course at Udemy must possess a desire for learning new concepts which will assist them in achieving success in their online business
Students must possess great passion for higher conversion rates
No prior knowledge about web designing or coding is required
Students must possess either a website or a landing page to which traffic can be sent


This Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2018 course is considered as on the bestselling course of landing page design on Udemy. This course is not a course on web development; instead students can learn the basic principles of standard landing page design. Also, one can have clear understanding of a journey of a buyer which will further help them in designing the landing pages that can result in better conversion rate. Case studies of real life will be provided to the students along with real experiments and loads of examples derived from the web which will help one to produce best possible results.

Target Audience

Any website owner
Any online marketer
Any designer
Any kind of small business owner
Ecommerce managers
Any social media manager
Any search engine marketing manager
Any entrepreneur
Interns from digital marketing
Web developers as well as web designers

Through this course of landing page design, Udemy is providing an amazing and diverse platform for all the aspiring marketers and designers as well the established one to learn new techniques, thereby enhancing their skills to produce good quality designs and higher conversion rates.

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