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  • Course name: Kubernetes Microservices
  • Rating: 4.6 (1,074 ratings)
  • Instructor: Richard Chesterwood, Virtual Pair Programmers
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English, closed English captions
  • Video: 22.5 hours of HD video
  • Lectures: 134 lectures
  • Other resources: 8 articles and 18 downloadable resources
  • Target: Anyone who want to be a master in working with Kubernetes
  • Requirement: Docker and AWS knowledge will be helpful, and the basic knowledge of terminal operations is required.

Introduction to The Kubernetes Microservices Course

The Kubernetes Microservices course will teach you the hottest technique of K8S, which is a high in-demand skill by engineers. If you want to level up yourself and be a professional on real projects, then here is just the right place to get started. In this Kubernetes Microservices course, you’ll learn to work with the Microservice based architecture and use AWS. Now, let’s see what you’ll gain from the course.

You’ll know:

  • How to get a good understanding of Kubenetes
  • How to install kubectl, minikube and troubleshoot them
  • How to acquire the knowledge of Docker
  • How to deploy a container to Kubenetes cluster
  • How to working with Kubenetes in AWS
  • How to take full use of Kops management tool
  • How to deal with alerts by using slack channels
  • How to feel more effortless while working with ElasticStack, Kibana and ElasticSearch
  • How to take full use of RBAC to astrict access to a cluster
  • How to know more about StatefulSets
  • How to configure ingress control
  • How to integrate Kubenetes
  • How to work with your AWS account
  • How to work with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • … much more

What is Kubernetes?

To learn everything you need to work with Kubernetes, the Udemy Kubernetes Microservices course will be a good start. Kubernetes is nothing but a platform that helps us in managing the workload and services of individuals. The two important things that are facilitated by this particular platform are the automation and declarative configuration. The ecosystem of this particular platform is increasing day by day. In the sections below, we are going to discuss the various aspects of Kubernetes.

Why do we need Kubernetes?

The first and foremost reason for which we need Kubernetes is that it is a container. The benefit of using a container platform is explained in the next section. Another important reason, for which most of the people use Kubernetes is that is a microservices platform and cloud platform. Those who are there in the field of technology must be aware of the fact that how the container based platforms are changing the whole mindset of the people and how they are helping the people in doing their work comfortably. This particular platform is known to manage the computing, networking, storage, and other such services.

Why use containers?

It is important for each one of us for why should we use containers now. Earlier, the applications were installed on the host system using the OS package manager. The biggest fear of using such systems was that the configuration and libraries of the application might get mixed with the host OS. With the containers, the OS level virtualization is done; the hardware virtualization is not valid. They are small and quick and therefore, in each of the container image, one application could be packed.

With all the points explained above, it must be clear that what is a container platform and what type of a container platform Kubernetes is. This will make things more clear in the minds of people and they could decide which tool they can use.

Till now, are you looking to be able to use Kubernetes on live production projects? Then don’t miss out on the Kubernetes Microservices here.

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