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The golden name in the field of online learning is definitely Udemy. With a growing presence of 55,000+ courses in different fields, Udemy is the to-go destination for the course you want to pursue. The motive of the experts instructing the course is to help the students achieve their professional education goals.

The course details are displayed very transparently with bullets and tables for the ease of understanding of the students. You can see the detailed curriculum with the lesson duration which will help you to plan you’re less as per your ease. The courses can be available by just registering, the courses are being continuously modified and changed, it’s important to apply for the course you want at the earliest.

The ‘iOS 11 & Swift 4- The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp‘ course was developed to provide the interested students an overall knowledge on the field of application building. Various techniques like building augmented reality, frameworks are discussed in the course. It comes created by Angela Yu, includes 22.5 hours of video, 64 articles, 2 supplemental resources, and 233 lectures.

Things Learned:

  • Learn the overall of application building
  • Learn building applications for freelancing or start up
  • Learn the techniques to build Augmented reality applications with iOS 11 ARKit Framework
  • Learn Machine Learning to develop important applications with the use of CoreML Framework
  • Learn enough to have a strong resume for junior app developer jobs


The course doesn’t require having knowledge or experience about programming; the students will learn everything from scratch. No paid software is required during the course as all the applications are developed using XCode 9 which is available for free download on Apple. The only requirement is a Mac laptop and strong internet connection.


The ‘iOS 11 & Swift 4 – The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp’ is a beautifully designed course to cover the whole stretch of programming in one course. The course is efficient to conduct a step-by-step process with the help of video tutorials to teach the fundamentals of programming and coding.

The course includes ‘Object Oriented Programming’ concepts which include the systems, functions, methods, variables, classes, inheritance and protocols. Use of switch statements, using if/else clause and logic for the execution flow, lessons on the data structure to have a fine knowledge of dictionaries and arrays, networking and Machine Learning and many more important topics are covered in the subject.

Course Material

  • 22.5 hours of on-demand video tutorials
  • Lifetime access
  • 64 Articles
  • 2 Supplemental Resources
  • 233 lectures
  • Accessible on both TV and mobile devices
  • Certification of Completion at the end of the course


  • The course focuses on data structures and control structures which have indispensable importance in the field of application development.
  • The course focuses on Networking which helps the learner to understand the asynchronous calls of API and data retrieval from the cloud and to use it for server communication.
  • The curriculum includes lessons on the implementation of Model View Controller (MVC) for software designing. There are lessons on 3D animation for augmented reality which can be created using Appleā€™s brand new ARKit framework.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • The course is beginner friendly and suitable for someone with no prior knowledge of coding.
  • Perfect for an experienced app developer to learn the new iOS platform.
  • The new iOS 11 API has the best ARKit and CoreML which is important to become a pro app developer on iOS platform.
  • If you are looking to shift from C to Swift language, the course is a good option.

The course is expertly crafted for the beginners to conquer the knowledge of a latest coding language like Swift 4. For application developers, this is a golden opportunity with guaranteed satisfaction to learn more on programming. Click here to discover other top instructors’ iOS 11 courses.

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Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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