95% Off Go: The Complete Bootcamp Course (Golang) Coupon

Go: The Complete Bootcamp Course (Golang) Coupon
Why do I feel excited when I find the Go: The Complete Bootcamp Course (Golang) course on Udemy? Mostly likely because I have been always looking for learning Golan programming language but don’t know how to get started. So how about you? If you are one of those people who want to learn Go programming from the ground up or get a depth learning, I believe you will love the course highest-rated on Udemy. Next, let’s know more about the Go: The Complete Bootcamp Course (Golang) course.

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About Go: The Complete Bootcamp Course (Golang) Course

The course is taught by the two instructors Jose Portilla and Inanc Gumus, will teach all the fundamentals and advanced techniques you need to work with Golang programming effortlessly. In this course, there are over 10 projects will help you better understand Go programming, and 200+ exercises and 500+ questions included. Along with that, the course also gives you 12 hours of video guide, 40 articles, 36 downloadable resources, and 185 lectures in total. For what you will learn from each lecture, refer to more details as follows.

At first, there are 5 lectures help you get started with the Golang programming course, you will know how to install Go on your systems.
8 lectures help you start the part 1 on how to code your Go program
10 lectures help you learn packages, scopes, and how to import files
7 lectures help you know what the statements, expressions and comments are
4 lectures on how to create and use a library package
Next, there are 30 lectures help you continue the part 2, including the knowledge of variables and type conversion
6 lectures on how to utilize Printf and everything you need to know to print formatted output
15 lectures regarding the knowledge of Numbers and Strings, especially for beginners
13 lectures give you a deep introduction to the Go type system
14 lectures on constants, including Constant introduction, Constant rules, Constant types, Constant expressions, Constant declaration, and more
28 lectures tell you how to properly handle with statements and errors
12 lectures on introducing the switch statement
19 lectures on loops
1 lecture on arrays
1 lecture tells you about Slices
1 lecture regarding the strings revisited
1 lecture on Structs
1 lecture on functions
1 lecture on pointers
1 lecture on function values and closures
1 lecture on deferred functions
5 lectures in total on the knowledge of methods, interfaces, embedding, and concurrency

Before learning the course, you’d better know this:

The course doesn’t require any previous knowledge of Go programming. What you need is a desire to master the Golang programming language. Along with that, a computer in OS X, Windows, or Linux is supported.

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In a word

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced developer, the course can help you better understand Go and be expert in building real-world Go programs. To learn the course at considerable savings, what you need is to redeem a 95% off Udemy coupon code. To get started easily, just click on the below button immediately. The Udemy coupon will help you learn the course at the very affordable price starting as low as $9.99.

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