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Have you been searching for a well-instructed course to be more proficient in using the modern development skills, tools to build websites effortlessly? Do you want to master the best-practices and most sought-after modern skills that companies need in developers? Do you want to bridge the gap between your current skills and what hiring companies are looking for in you? Here, a right place to take your developer career to the next level.

At Udemy, there is a wide variety of courses on web development teaching every aspect of the subject. Among those courses, the ‘Git a Web Developer Job: Mastering the Modern Workflow‘ is a course that serves the purpose of making the potential web developers to serve the web developing industry as per the requirement. There aren’t many courses that include the necessary tips and guidance for practical applicability of HTML and CSS, so let us explore a course that does.

Things Learned

  • Learn to build websites by applying the latest tool and skills and best resources for companies who are hunting for web site developers
  • Learn to code an organised and nicely structured CSS and JavaScript which the fellow developers can understand easily
  • Learn the best of web developing to get a job as web developers or be a part of web developing teams to take part in different projects


The requirement for this course includes having a fundamental knowledge of CSS and HTML. The course uses a free hosting from ‘GitHub which is available for free. It is better to have any latest text editor like Atom. Apart from that PC is required where necessary tools will be installed during the course. Any operating system is accepted.


Even after understanding the fundamentals of HTML and CSS, there is a lot to learn to get the job as a web developer that you wish to become, the course systematically takes you through the stages to cover every requirement to become a successful web developer. This course is a practical training to teach all the aspects a company looks for in web developer.

There are not many courses available online for learning important topics like GitHub, so this course offers Git and GitHub for basics of command line which can be collaborated with different developers and used on the web. The lessons include the use of Node.js to automate tasks by tools like Gulp and NPM.

The course will increase your CSS knowledge and will organize the applicability of your knowledge. You will learn to develop websites by keeping in mind object oriented programming with the use of JavaScript of the top ES6 method. There are plenty of tips for cracking job interviews and for steady progress in this developing web field.

Course Material

  • 15 hours of on demand video tutorial
  • Lifetime access
  • 98 Supplemental resources
  • 62 lectures
  • English
  • 4.8 (1,695 ratings)
  • Accessible on both TV and mobile devices
  • Certification of completion at the end of the course


  • The course provides an insight into the industry of web development with key notes of what is required out of an aspiring web developer.
  • The additional information to build up your knowledge in web developing with introducing the concept of object oriented programming helps to know the industry waters to understand how the projects are to be handled.
  • The course provides tips on how to use Git and GitHub for various purposes along with applications; this comes handy when applying for the job of a web developer in an organization.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is looking for a professional course to fill the gap between knowing HTML and CSS to their application on based on practical requirement.

Extra tips

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