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Udemy is a well-known marketplace for online learning where each year thousands of students from all over the world enroll their names in the course of their choice. It is a place where students learn and master their skills under the guidance of expert professionals. At Udemy, candidates can access the library of 55,000 different courses. Most of the courses available at Udemy are not taught at regular schools or colleges.

So if, you wish to learn such a course you know which place to look for. The materials for each of these courses are prepared by professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Most of the teaching at Udemy is done through video tutorials which make it easy for students to retain the topic nicely.

There is not a single online course that is not available at Udemy. The very details about each of these courses are clearly made available on the website of Udemy. Availing online courses at such affordable price, only Udemy can make it happen. And if, you think you are not satisfied with the course then, you also have the option of 30-day money back guarantee.

The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps course offered by Udemy. This course makes a perfect option for candidates who want to make a career in developing online games and apps for iOS 11. It was created by Rob Percival, Nick Walter, includes 36 hours of video, 111 articles, and 247 lectures. This course is right for anyone who want to learn to build apps and get a high-paid job from app development.

Things Learned:

  • Learn to build your own mobile app with Swift 4.
  • Learn to design iOS apps like Twitter, Facebook, Zoo app, etc.
  • Also, create your own online games like Pokemon and others.
  • Learn to design great layouts using color, style, shape, menu, and ConstraintLayout.
  • Understand the foundation of programming.


  • The only thing you require to learn this course is a computer running on Windows or Linux or OS X platform.


The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps course is an ideal option for candidates who want to learn how to build iOS apps with the support of Swift 4 but has no previous knowledge or experience about programming. You learn to program from the very scratch and gradually grow into a professional Swift 4 programmer.

The course comes with video tutorials of 36 hours which makes learning interesting. Upon the completion of the course, you will be able to build social media apps like Twitter and Facebook and develop online games for iOS 11. This complete iOS 11 course will give what exactly you need to develop awesome iOS app you want.


  • Become a professional Swift 4 programmer.
  • Create your own online games and mobile apps.
  • Make a career in iOS 11 by creating and selling your own apps and games.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • This course is specially designed for candidates who are interested in learning to create iOS apps with Swift 4.

Games and mobile apps developing make quite a demanding field in today’s world. Therefore, if you take up this particular course at Udemy, you can actually give your career a great start. So, instead of wasting your time, apply for the course now.

Why Should You Enroll Now in iOS 11 Courses at Udemy?

Udemy is an online academy for you, thus the name. Founded in 2010 by Dennis Yang, Udemy provides more than 55,000 certification and diploma courses and is very useful for working adults looking to add professional skills to their resume.

Udemy is an online platform where experts create courses based on their expertise and offer it to the public for a fee. Udemy is mostly for working adults, and the courses offered at Udemy are not credentialed for college credit. It is large to improve job skills and to explore one’s passion for learning about any particular topic.

The best feature of Udemy is it is accessible from multiple devices, and you can learn the chosen course at your desired pace. There is no hurry as it is like having a personal instructor for learning the chosen course.

The course material is created using Udemy’s course development tools, and the courses are available in the form of PPT presentations, audio and video files and PDF files. There are options where the instructor can interact with the users via online discussion boards.

Thus, if you want to pick up new skills to advance your iOS 11 development skills, there is no doubt that Udemy platform is a superior place to start. At Udemy, users not only can learn anything they have been always aspiring to but also can get every affordable price. Udemy coupon code can help users learn those industries’ experts’ courses with the very least amount of cost.

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