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Udemy is one of the best platforms for online learning and virtual education. The website provides more than 45,000 courses in many languages. The website is the destination to learn excellent courses on web and application development. ‘The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course’ is a great course specifically designed for people who have a keen interest in learning Swift 4 and app development on iOS 11.

Course: The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course – Beginner to Advanced

The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course – Beginner To Advanced course introduces the basics of the programming language and fundamentals used in application development using iOS 11 and the Swift 4. You will learn a lot about application building like IMDB API, Instagram clone, Foursquare Clone, Art Book, Image Recognition and much more. There are many added lessons on minuscule features like the push notifications which is not generally covered in any online course.

You will be learning about both ‘Firebase & Parse’ unlike the other courses. The topic that is broadly covered includes Swift 4 fundamentals, designing with sketches, essential lessons on Swift, Firebase, Parse, Cocoapods, GitHub, Push notifications and a lot of extra features of iOS 11. There are additional topics included such as machine learning which has lessons on AWS Server setup, server functioning and a lot more.

Things to Learn in the Course

  • Learn to create mobile applications of your own for iPhone and iPad
  • Learn to design applications from the basics and also how to get them published in App Store
  • Learn to create social media platforms of your own, e.g. Instagram or Facebook
  • Gain adequate knowledge on app development and programming to have career options like professional developer etc.

Things Required for the Course

  • No previous knowledge is necessary; the course is absolutely beginner friendly
  • A MacOS or Mac enabled computer is necessary
  • Free software, XCode is required; you will know more about it in the course
  • Any design based software like Photoshop or something of similar time

The Course Package Includes

  • 22.5 hours of on-demand videos
  • 242 lectures
  • Lifetime access
  • 27 Articles
  • Accessible both on TV and mobile devices
  • Certificate of Completion on ending the course


  • The courses are planned and structured in such a way that anyone who is interested in app developing or programming is eligible; no prior experience or knowledge is necessary.
  • Lessons on coding which will make you capable enough to build your own applications like the Foursquare Clone or Instagram Clone, the course is very extensive, and it goes on from learning the basics of designing, coding, and development and ends with learning to publish the applications you developed in App Store.
  • The course is perfect those who wish to learn app development on iOS 11 by using the Swift 4 language, which is brand new and is facing changes and upgrades very frequently.

Why Learn The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course on Udemy?

Udemy provides a number of tools which enable the users to not only create courses but also promote the website in order to earn money from the tuition fees that the students are charged for. The Internet has made the lives of everyone easy. People trust the internet in a manner that they do not trust people. Udemy is amongst the best websites for online learning that offer a huge variety of courses for the students to select from.

A bright and blooming future is promised by Udemy, and they take up the dreams of the students and the passion of the students as challenges. One might think that the study materials offered are very costly and cannot be afforded by most people. But in reality, it is just the opposite because the study materials are not very costly and they can be afforded by everyone. Furthermore, Users can use Udemy coupons and promotion deals to help them learn anything without spending much money.

Generally, the promotions for this well-known website is carried out in all the social media platforms where a number of people can see and decide on what courses they are planning to pursue a career in. Facebook and Twitter are two most popular sites that people use regularly. Students, who do not have a clear vision of the subject that they want to excel in can visit the website of Udemy, which is going to help them figure out their choices. The details regarding the courses, the curriculum, the teachers and instructors who will be helping the students until the completion of the course, are given.

For example, Udemy offers the personal development courses, which are essential for someone who is already a professional and even for the students who lack confidence or are unable to present themselves. Teachers and instructors look to the all-round personal development of the students so that they are ready to face the challenges that the job industry provides them with. If you are interested in learning and picking up new skills for advancing your current position or being more qualified in applying high-paid job, Udemy platform is an awesome place to start. And Udemy coupon allows you to learn anything in all fields at unparalleled price.

Using Udemy coupon to get the complete iOS 11 developer course

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Tips: Refer to a similar video guide on how to use Udemy coupon to learn anything with the very least amount of cost.

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The Complete iOS 11 Developer course has been structured to fulfill the requirements of people who are interested in learning programming and mobile application development and also app building in iOS platform. People who wish to master Swift 4 as well as the previous versions to have better job opportunities as iOS developer. There is plenty of information to learn about Parse, Firebase and much more. The course provides so much knowledge at a very affordable price. Use The Complete iOS 11 Developer Course – Beginner To Advanced coupon to enjoy unparalleled price on Udemy.

Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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