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The Advanced Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp
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  • Course name: The Advanced Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp
  • Rating: Highest-rated 4.9 (49 ratings)
  • Instructor: Created by Justin Kivel
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English, closed English captions
  • Video: 10 hours of HD video
  • Lectures: 163 lectures
  • Other resources: 6 articles and 3 downloadable resources
  • Target: Anyone who want to start a career in real estate finance
  • Requirement: It requires a certain level of real estate finance and financial modeling, and Microsoft Excel basic knowledge

What you’ll gain from the Real Estate course:

  • Have a better understanding of the complex real restate investment scenarios
  • How to manipulate data in a fast and easy way
  • How to model your own development projects
  • How to model some major renovation projects
  • How to model complex debt
  • How to model equity structures
  • How to get more precise real estate valuations effectively
  • How to be an advanced master while working with the real estate financial modeling
  • How to develop yourself to be an excel expert
  • How to be more confident in starting your career as a successful real estate investor
  • … much more

Introduction to Real Estate Financial Modeling

In the The Advanced Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the real restate financial modeling. The real estate financial modeling is a program that is made in order to build a financial model for the development and progress of real estate. This program gives the professional the liberty of doing their work more efficiently and accurately. Here, we will define the basic terms that one needs to know about real estate financial modeling.

  • LTV

The first important term is the LTV. LTV stands for Loan to value. The term loan to value refers to a certain amount of money. Now, this money is the amount that the lender will be provided to the receiver as the percentage, as per the market value.

  • LTC

This means Loan to cost. This is the amount that a lender is going to provide as the percentage of the cost of any development if it takes place.

  • NOI

It stands for net operating income. It is basically the revenue less operating expenses calculated in gross amount. This includes different types of taxes, insurance, repair and maintenance taxes, and the capital expenditure.

  • Cap Rate

When NOI or net operating income is divided by the value of the property, Cap rate is obtained. It is expressed in terms of percentage.

  • Amortization Period

This is the period that refers to the time that a person took, in order to pay his or her mortgage. It could be months or years. The time that was extended for the principal repayments of the loan is called the Amortization period.

Along with all these terms, two of the other important things are GPs and LPs. These are structures and joint ventures. The GPs are responsible for all the management decisions and are highly reliable to all. This is not with the LPs.

So, these were the basic points that one must know about the real estate financial modeling. The terms explained are necessary to learn if you have just started the financial modeling. To learn more about the advanced real estate financial modeling, don’t miss out on joining the The Advanced Real Estate Financial Modeling Bootcamp at Udemy.

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