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WordPress Brief Introduction

WordPress is basically an open source and a free content managing which is based on MySQL and PHP. It is installed on web servers that are parts of the internet hosting services or maybe even network hosts. The example of the first one is a service ‘WordPress.com’ and for the second one, it can be a computer that is running a software package known as WordPress.org.

In general local computers are used for the single-user testing as well as for learning purposes. The features generally include plugin architectures and template systems. More than 25% of 10 million other websites use WordPress. It is considered to be one of the most famous blogging systems that are currently in use on the web and it supports around 60 million other websites. Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg released WordPress on 27th May, 2003 and later released under GPLv2 license.

The users of WordPress have the ability to install and also switch between varieties of themes. They change the complete look and also the functionality of the website but keep the core code and content same without altering anything.

The themes are generally directly installed by using the ‘Appearance’ of the WordPress which is an administration tool present in dashboard. Also, the theme folders can be copied into the directory of themes. There are two categories of themes in WordPress, the free category and the premium category. The premium themes have to be purchased from the market places or from WordPress developers. Users also have the opportunity to create as well as develop the themes of their choice.

Having basic skills in PHP can help to develop Bootstrap themes for WordPress by using the CSS framework. Given below are a few ways of developing WordPress Theme with the help of Bootstrap.

Creating a theme folder

The very first thing that one has to do is create a folder inside ‘wp-content/themes’. For the time being, the folder has to be left empty and a proper name has to be given to the folder. Later this folder is going to be the theme folder.

Downloading Bootstrap

The latest version of Bootstrap has to be downloaded and three folders have to be created. The files can be extracted directly or a bootstrap folder has to be created and the files have to be extracted into that.

Creating files

Six files have to be created in the theme folder for the template purpose. The files are:

  • (a) Style.css
  • (b) functions.php
  • (c) header.php
  • (d) footer.php
  • (e) sidebar.php
  • (f) index.php

After this, all the files have to be edited to make them appropriate for developing the themes for WordPress. In the end the themes for WordPress are created by using the templates from the Bootstrap’s official website. Later, the user can change their themes in WordPress according to their wish. The tutorials are very important for the individuals because without them. It is very difficult to understand the process of developing the themes in WordPress using Bootstrap. Certain elements cannot be integrated like navigation, sidebar, header, footer etc. They are static HTML.

About This WordPress Theme Development Course

WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap course is a right place to start to learn how to professionally develop a custom WordPress theme and make more money on the side. This course will give you an in-depth learning and understanding of using PHP to create WordPress websites and themes. It can be an awesome HTML and CSS website with Bootstrap. This course is suitable for anyone who are interested in creating a generous income on the side, whoever the complete beginner., graphic, or web designers.

After the completion of this course, you’ll be capable of:

  • (a) Earning much more money on the side or making a generous living than ever could
  • (b) Sell WordPress themes and plugins for cash, making an extra $1,000 – $5,000+ per month
  • (c) Developing CMS driven websites, earning a better position or higher salary
  • (d) Getting a more rewarding job and working almost anywhere in the world
  • (e) Using Bootstrap framework to creating highly customized and quality websites
  • (f) Using HTML5 & CSS3 to hand craft stunning websites
  • (g) Converting a static website to dynamic website
  • (h) Developing yourself and improving your skills to the better level,increasing efficiency
  • (i) Taking more projects and making more money as a freelancer
  • (j) Becoming more confidence in taking on WordPress projects for clients

Considering of these benefits, are you wondering learning this Bootstrap course and become better? This course now is updated with the latest version of Bootstrap and WordPress, the final course that is very convenient your learn. Furthermore, this course will be very cost-effective if you use a valid coupon on Udemy. We offer the biggest discount up to 94% off WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap coupon here for you. You can follow button to redeem it immediately.

Some details about this course:

  • (a) Category: Development
  • (b) Subcategory: Programming language
  • (c) Platform: Udemy.com
  • (d) Author: Created by Brad Hussey , Code College
  • (e) Language: English and captions available
  • (f) Rating & popularity: As of 3/2017… It is 4.5 (3,133 ratings) and 23,244 students enrolled
  • (g) Price: $175 (before discount)
  • (h) Discount: 94% off with Udemy coupon
  • (i) Include: 12 hours video, 1 article, 1 supplemental resource, 83 lectures
  • (j) Device Available: Access on mobile and TV
  • (k) Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • (l) Target audiences: Graphic & web designer, entrepreneurs, employees, code hobbyists, anyone looking for a more rewarding job
  • (m) Requirements: Be able to understand HTML, CSS and PHP basically, Coda 2, Internet connection

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