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Udemy has risen to the place of one of the giants in online learning services with over 55,000 courses in 81 languages which are being coordinated by experts and professionals in their respective field. The approach is completely student oriented with a strategic syllabi and flexible curriculum to make the learning process beneficial for the learners.

The ‘Learning Algorithms in JavaScript from Scratch‘ course is being coordinated by Eric Traub, a skilled software engineer. The course refreshes the fundamentals of JavaScript and moves on to different concepts of JavaScript coding and more. The course also prepares the candidate for the interviews conducted in various big or small developing and programming companies.

Things Learned

  • Learn the ways to code crucial algorithms with JavaScript
  • Learn the ways to develop efficiency, routine and flexibility of the codes and their application to various programs
  • Learn the technical aspects of programming or engineering the interviews of various companies to excel in such situations
  • Learn the techniques which will help you to develop your custom algorithms which can be coded as per your requirement


The Learning Algorithms in JavaScript from Scratch course is suitable for anyone with a fundamental working knowledge of JavaScript. Apart from this, a laptop or PC with a strong internet connection is the only requirement.


The Learning Algorithms in JavaScript from Scratch course involves coaching the ways to code using JavaScript from the basics. The program has been efficiently designed to improve your speed, efficiency, technique, style, and scalability of the codes which are being developed by one for applications and programs. The curriculum includes lessons on fundamentals of algorithms, their importance and the process of coding in JavaScript. The course is battle tested to overcome the tough interviews that are a part of screening process of various big and small developer companies.

Course Material

  • 3.5 Hours of on-demand video tutorial
  • 69 lectures
  • Lifetime access
  • 16 Articles
  • Accessible on both TV and mobile devices
  • Certification of completion at the end of the course


  • The course includes lessons to improve and boost your speed, performance, and knowledge of JavaScript and its coding for various programs and applications.
  • The course develops a strong base by instilling the fundamentals and techniques of coding using JavaScript and their importance.
  • Various concepts of programming like time complexity, functional programming and recursion are covered in the course with additional lessons on the implementation of these concepts.
  • The approach of the course is beneficial for the extensive use of animations as it makes the diagrams lively and easier to understand.
  • The course is perfect preparatory material for interviewing into developing companies. Apart from being a strong point on a resume, one will be ready to answer the tough application based questions related to coding.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Anyone looking for course that will teach the ways of coding algorithms with the use of JavaScript.
  • Anyone in need of learning ways for implementation of algorithms in various applications.
  • Anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge of developing codes on JavaScript and the basics of computer science.
  • People are looking for guidance and ways to crack a developer’s job interview in programming or developing companies.

The syllabus and curriculum of the discussed course are efficient to provide one a roundabout working knowledge of JavaScript coding at an affordable price. There are many customised and special benefits on every course at Udemy.

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