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Brief Introduction

Are you dreaming of becoming an advanced ethical hacker that is capable of hacking any computer systems like very powerful hat hackers and securing them like a great security experts? Are you interested in grasping all the basic knowledge of Linux, computer system, networks, and more other devices and knowing how they communicate with each other? Do you want to have a very practical side of penetration test to be able to carry out a number of powerful attacks? Then, the Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is perfect for you.

This course was instructed by Zaid Sabih, focuses on the fastest and most effective ways to become a very professional ethical hacker and computer protection specialist. If you want to get you from a complete beginner to a more advanced level don’t miss out on the highly-valued course. You will learn the most comprehensive basics of ethical hacking in all fields and master the knowledge about the most penetration testing fields.

Besides that, this Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is quite suitable for those students who has the basic IT skills, wireless adapter, and passion.

Some details about the ethical hacking course:

  • Course instructor: Instructed by Zaid Sabih
  • Course rating & sales: As of 1/2017, 4.5 (2,362 ratings) & 24,864 students enrolled (sales continue fast growth)
  • Course category: IT & Software / Network & Security
  • Course includes: 129 lectures, 12 hours video
  • Course level: All levels skills
  • Course language: English, captions
  • Course target audiences: Anyone who ware interested in becoming ethical hacker, securing devices, networks
  • Course discount: 94% off with Ethical Hacking From Scratch coupon

Course Review

This Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is spread over 129 lectures, and the length is 12 hours. In terms of skill levels, all can opt and it is available in the English language with captions. In this course, one would start off as a beginner with no prior knowledge of hacking or penetration testing. The first thing that you will have hands on is about ethical hacking along with the different fields in penetration testing.

The course focuses more on the practical side of penetration testing while in no way rejecting the theory component. Before you make a foray into penetration testing, one would learn on how to set up a lab and install the much-needed software to practice the technique of penetration testing on your own machine.

The structure of the course is in such a way that it will take you through the basics of a computer system, networks, Linux and how the devices communicate with each other. The course starts by how one can exploit the systems to create a number of powerful attacks. It will take you from a beginner to an advanced level and by the time you finish the course, you are bound to have an idea about penetration testing in details.

The course module is divided into 4 major sections

  • Networking penetration testing
  • Gaining access
  • Post exploitation
  • Web application penetration testing

At the end of each session, you will learn to detect, secure and protect your system from the various attacks. All of them are practical and they work against any computer device and it in no way matters if your device is a laptop or a phone. Each form of attack is explained in details as you will first learn the theory of the attack and how you are going to carry out that attack using the  Kali Linux.

The basic skills needed for pursuing you this course?

  • Basic skills in IT
  • Wireless adapter and this is needed for the Wifi section only

The benefits you are going to derive from this course?

  • Understand the terms hacking, ethical hacking along with the different types of hackers
  • 120 detailed videos about computer security and ethical hacking

The target audience for this course?

  • Anybody who has an interest in the domain of penetration testing or ethical hacking
  • Anybody who wants to have an idea on how the hackers can target their computer systems.
  • If you are interested to know on how to protect your computer from hackers

This Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course is formulated for educational purposes and you will learn in depth about hacking. The difference between white hacker, black hat or gray hat hacker can be understood in details. You will get a fair idea about the overview of the lab and the kind of software you would need to install for this course and how it can be installed as well. You can also go on to install Kali as a virtual machine of sorts. Furthermore, Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch coupon offered by Udemy allows you enjoy exceptional savings.

How to Redeem Udemy Coupon?

Learning never stops. No matter what your current skills, you can always improve. If you want to learn a new skill, so say so. If you want to change something or current situation, there is not reason to wait for an arbitrary date. For this Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch course, you can learn it right now, start your journey to master new skills in network & security. Before taking this course, you’d better redeem Udemy coupon to help you save BIG. With the Udemy coupon code we offer here, you can generating exceptional savings up to 94% discount.

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