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Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis course has been updated by 365 careers team on Udemy, which comes designed with the only purpose that helps people learn all the knowledge of statistics they need in the office. Whether you would like to learn more about descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, regression analysis or more others business analytics skills and techniques, the course can cater all your needs.

About The Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis Course

The Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis course is right for those people who aspire for acquiring a depth learning of data science, business intelligence, and business analytics in an all-in-one course. Whether you are a business analyst or individuals who want to start a career in data & analytics, the course created by 365 Careers Team won’t let you feel disappointed. Let’s see what you will learn from the best-selling Udemy business analytics course.

The best Udemy business analytics course tells you:

  • How to get a better understanding of statistics fundamentals
  • How to plot and work with various types of data
  • How to master the calculation skills when work with correlation, covariance, central tendency measures, asymmetry, variability, and more
  • How to be more qualified in estimating confidence intervals
  • How to driven data and make a right decision
  • How to carry through regression analysis
  • How to be familiar with different types of distributions and feel more effortless while working with them
  • How to make a professional hypothesis test
  • How to get a better understanding on what the mechanics of regression analysis is
  • How to take full use of dummy variables
  • How to become familiar with the concepts demanded for learning data science using Python and R programming

What makes the business analysis course best-rated on Udemy:

  • Powerful 365 careers team to show people latest and professional┬ábusiness analytics technology
  • The course is very easy to understand for most people through they are complete beginners to analytics
  • Comprehensive content and plenty of practical exercises and resources
  • The course involves the knowledge of data visualization
  • The instructors always await there to answer all your questions
  • The course will offer learners with extensive cases studies in order for reinforcing all the knowledge they have acquired
  • The course comes with 5 hours HD video and animations, which makes the course more interesting than steering over a boring course
  • The course doesn’t require any prior knowledge of business analytics, anyone can learn it
  • As of 1/2019, the course has more than 23,655 students enrolled
  • The course offers English and Portuguese

What will each lecture teach you:

  • 2 lectures on the introduction to the statistics course
  • 1 lecture will help you understand the difference between population and sample
  • 10 lectures help learners build a solid foundation to descriptive statistics
  • 12 lectures on the knowledge you need to know about measures of central tendency, asymmetry, and variability
  • 2 lectures help you proceed with descriptive statistics
  • 7 lectures on the skills of distributions
  • 9 lectures about the estimators and estimates
  • 7 lectures take your steps in to the advanced topics about confidence intervals
  • 2 lectures regarding inferential statistics
  • 4 lectures on the introduction to the knowledge of hypothesis testing
  • 11 lectures tell you how to start a testing
  • 2 lectures on hypothesis testing
  • 6 lectures help you understand all the fundamentals of regression analysis
  • 8 lectures guide you to study regression analysis
  • 6 lectures on the knowledge of linear regression analysis
  • 1 lecture tells how to deal with categorical data
  • 1 lecture regarding a practical example
  • 1 lecture to conclude the course and offer a bonus

The requirements needed to learn business analysis:

The Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis course doesn’t require any skills to start the course. But a willingness to learn more about business analysis is assumed.

In a word, the Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis course is worthy learning if you have been always aspiring for learning business analysis but don’t know how to get started. To take the course at its best price, the Udemy coupon we manually updated here can help you generate BIG savings up to 95% off. To get the deal, click on the following button to get started in no time.

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Take This Course Now – 93% Off!

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