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Machine Learning with Javascript course is updated on Udemy, which is taught by the renowned instructor of Stephen Grider. The course will give people an intensive bootcamp to help them master the machine learning techniques with JavaScript. As know machine learning is a very hot topic in recent years, and will be a long-term pop technology in the world of development. As a developer or an individual who wants to master a sought-after technology and be qualified for applying high-paying job in the market, then the machine learning technology is the must-have.

So, are you one of those people who are looking for a top-rated and well structured course to learn everything you need to know about the machine learning technology? Then the Machine Learning with JavaScript course is highly recommended. Next, let’s know some details of the course offered by Udemy.

What you will learn from the machine learning course:

Till now, there have been over 9,208 students bought the course and most of them are very satisfied with what they learnt. Before learning the course, look at as follows on what you will learn from the course.

  • The course will clearly explain the machine learning algorithms that you need to understand thoroughly
  • The course will teach you how to build some awesome applications using the knowledge of JavaScript programming and machine learning techniques.
  • The course will help you better understand how the machine learning works
  • The course will tell you how to take advantage of some low-level features of TensorFlow JS to be more confident while working with algorithms
  • The course will explain how to optimize and make your algorithms powerful with memory usage profiling
  • The course also will teach how to grow a strong intuition of machine learning best practices
  • The course will focuses on teaching you how to better understand how the exact math and programming technology work
  • The course will help you be able to create some new algorithms on the fly
  • The course will help you be more confident in building more powerful projects and applications
  • The course will help you be able to understand and wirte machine learning codes
  • … much more

The machine learning course targets and requirements:

The course is designed for you any JavaScript developers who are interested in learning the pop machine learning technology. The course reuqires learners own the abilities to read some baisc math equations and understand the command line usage.

What each lecture will teach you:

The course comes with 17.5 hours of on-demand video, 1 article, 1 downloadable resources, and 184 lectures in total. Refer to some details that each lecture will give you.

  • 9 lectures on tell you what the machine learning is
  • 24 lectures help you understand the algorithm
  • 11 lecture on the knowledge of TensorFlow JS
  • 15 lectures on how to working with TensorFlow to build applications
  • 12 lectures help you learn about gradient descent and 13 lectures regarding the knowledge of gradient descent with TensorFlow
  • 17 lectures tell how to utilize the vectorized solutions to increase performance
  • 3 lectures on plotting data with JavaScript
  • 6 lectures on gradient descent alterations
  • 20 lectures focuses on the knowledge of natural binary classification
  • 13 lectures on natural binary classification
  • 10 lectures on how to work with image recognition
  • 21 lectures on the overall performance optimization
  • 10 lectures about the custom CSV loader

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Take This Course Now – 95% Off!

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