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Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps)
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Looking for an easy way to learn all things about C# programming language? Have you been struggling in picking up C# skills from a complete novice to professional programmer? What you need is the course. This Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) course will teach you C# programming language step by step. Take the course by clicking on ‘Take This Course Now – 95% Off!‘ button, you will save BIG with coupon.

About The C# Programming Course

The Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) course will give you the easiest way to learn C# programming. Anyone who are interested in learning about C# can take this course. And the instructor named Huw Collingbourne can help you learn C# from a complete beginner to expert. Once enrolled in the course, you will learn all the C# concepts from the ground up. You will learn step by step understand the help of instructor. You will learn source code examples and understand the advanced features of C#. You will also learn to write high-performance C# course to develop modern applications.

Targets and who this C# course is for:

The Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) course is intended for anyone who want to learn C# from the ground up, no matter who you are, beginners or programmers. No prior knowledge of coding is required. So, if you are one of those people who are willing to step into the world of C#, this course will help serve as your guide.

Some details of the C# course:

  • Name: Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps)
  • Author: Huw Collingbourne
  • Rating: As of 8/2019… 4.7 (346 ratings) and 3,103 students enrolled
  • Language: English
  • Last updated: 8/2019
  • Price: $11.99 original price $144.99
  • Includes: 7.5 hours of video, 5 articles, 7 downloadable resources, and 126 lectures

What each lecture will teach you:

The Learn C# Programming (In Ten Easy Steps) course comes with 126 lectures in total. Each lecture is carefully designed for helping students learn C# step by step. Next, let’s see what each lecture will give you.

  • 17 lectures help you get started with the course. You will learn to install visual studio, use sample projects, and customize visual studio on Windows and Mac.
  • 13 lectures help you proceed with the step 2. You will learn all the C# programming fundamentals, such as data types, variables, constants, comments, keywords, functions, namespaces, type casting, data types, C# languages elements, and etc..
  • 16 lectures focus on the knowledge of conditional tests and operators.
  • 13 lectures help you learn more about functions and arguments step by step
  • 13 lectures help you better understand the object oriented programming, you will learnhow to create the object from a class, how to test where an object exists or not, how to create class hierarchies, and more
  • 14 lectures help you continue the step six. In this module, you will learn all things about arrays and strings
  • 8 lectures will teach more about files, folders, input and output
  • 7 lectures explains what classes, methods, structs, and enums are
  • 9 lectures will teach you how to work with exceptions and debug errors
  • 15 lectures will give you further adventures in programming. After completing this course, you will build a solid foundation of programming skills and techniques
  • The last 1 lecture is about bonus

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Take This Course Now – 93% Off!

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