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Angular (Full App) with Angular Material, Angularfire & NgRx course is a good start if you want to learn everything you need to know about Angular. Before moving on to learn what is angular and how it is works? Let’s get into what is meant by web application? In general, web app or application is computer program for client-server. In this a client uses a web browser which also includes side-logic of a client and user interface. Some familiar web applications are instant messaging, webmail, online auctions and many more other functions.

What is Meant by Angular?

Angular offer a stage which makes easy to frame applications with web. Angular blends dependency injection, end to end tools, declarative templates, and many best integrated practices for solving challenges related with development. This also permits the developers to frame an application which can work on desktop, web and mobile phones as well.
Courses for learning angular

Many online courses are available now days which directly dip their nose into Angular but many times all we need is to frame a whole application to see how it works for a practice basis in which you can use all the packages related with the third-party which can add many of interesting functions to your applications.

So, go for the course who offers you to build the whole application which will look stunningly amazing and uses material design of Google and is exceptionally fast. This can be done with the use of Angularfire and firebase and add some real-time database functions. Also in behind use of NgRx will be done (It is a solution which is inspired by Redux which will enhance the Angular app)

Few requirements

Before starting working with angular you may require to have some prior knowledge in few things such as:

You need to have at least some basic knowledge on angular or you’re enough willing to learn it along your way.
Some knowledge on JS, HTML, and CSS is required
Material designing knowledge is not required.

Things to look for while learning Angular

Detailed intro of an Angular documents, materials and their usage
Practical application which uses different Angular Materials
Database real-time connection which is powered by Angularfire and Firebase
Improved knowledge of RxJS

Target audience

These course targeted audience are mostly students who:

Are eager to learn Angular in depth
Desire to frame up their own realistic applications
Those who wants to learn Angular
Wants a proper guidelines in an Angular applications
And people interested in learning NgRx, Firebase and Angular materials

But always keep in mind that before working with Angular you have a proper knowledge of JavaScript and some tools of new standards which can be modules and classes. Most of the Angular codes are written with latest JavaScript which uses different types of dependency injection.

You may also encounter with people who will disagree of you using this famous web framework, Angular for making a real-time applications. But surely there are plenty of things Angular has to offer which can be the best choice for meeting wide range needs.

Some relevant courses recommended here:

Angular 5 (formerly Angular 2) – The Complete Guide
Angular 4 Front To Back
Angular 2 (or 4) & NodeJS – The Practical MEAN Stack Guide
Angular 2 with TypeScript for Beginners: The Pragmatic Guide
Angular 2 with Typescript – Essential Training

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