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  • Course name: Complete Guide to Elasticsearch
  • Rating: 4.6 (1,074 ratings)
  • Instructor: Bo Andersen
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English, closed English captions
  • Video: 13 hours on-demand HD video
  • Lectures: 178 lectures
  • Other resources: 8 articles and 11 downloadable resources
  • Target: Developers who want to learn Elasticsearch.
  • Requirement: The knowledge of JSON is required

About The Complete Elasticsearch Course

The Complete Guide to Elasticsearch course is one of the best sellers on the topic of Elasticsearch, focuses on everything you need to know about Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana. After the completion of the course, you not merely can utilize the knowledge of Elasticsearch to build your own powerful search engine but also be more confident in take full use of the concepts and terminology of Elasticsearch. So, if you are looking to learn to be more proficient in writing complex search queries and laying the solid foundation for mastering the ELK stack, then this course is a right choice.

Some details of the Elasticsearch course content:

  • 5 lectures help get started with the course, including the brief introduction to Elasticsearch
  • 11 lectures introduce the Elasticsearch architecture, including nodes, clusters, indices, documents, sharding, replication and more
  • 10 lectures teach how to install Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • 12 lectures explain how to manage documents, like how to add, retrieve, replace, update, script and delete documents
  • 11 lectures give you an introduction to be proficient in working with the dynamic mapping
  • 14 lectures on the knowledge of analysis and how to work with analyzers
  • 8 lectures on the introduction to searching, including the effective search methods, and how to understand query results
  • 10 lectures teach all your need to know about term level queries
  • 4 lectures on the full text queries
  • 4 lectures on how to add Boolean logic to queries
  • 13 lectures on how to join queries
  • 8 lectures on how to control query results
  • 12 lectures on the introduction to aggregations
  • 9 lectures on how to improve search results
  • 7 lectures teach how to build a web application search engine
  • 3 lectures to sum up the course
  • 37 lectures focuses on version 2.x

What is Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch is a database which is used to store and manage data that are semi-structured. Let us look at some of its components and then on the benefits of using it.


Cluster, in Elasticsearch, is actually storage that contains one or more than one servers. These servers are responsible for holding the entire data.


The documents that are of similar properties are stored in the Index. This could be understood by the example that, the consumer data and the product information could be stored in Index, together. When it comes to identify the index, then unique names are given to each one of them.


Shards are basically a subset that contains documents from Index. One index could be divided into a lot of shards.


This is a server. It is a single server that holds data. It actively participates in the querying of the cluster.

Benefits of Elasticsearch

  • The benefits of this database manager could be understood by drawing a parallel between the databases managers used earlier. If we say that the data in the earlier database systems could be transferred in the time duration of 10 seconds, then this could transfer the data in 10 ms.
  • It does fast and direct operations. One could get easy access to it. Also, it is very easy to use and handle.
  • It is free from complexities. There are times when a person needs to index more than one document at a time. This particular manager is capable of doing that, very easily.

So, these are the basic things that one must know about Elasticsearch. One thing that you should keep in your mind is that it is not a new thing, but it is evolving with time. So, one should have no second thoughts before using it. Looking to get a depth learning Elasticsearch, then the Udemy best-selling Complete Guide to Elasticsearch course is your choice.

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